How to get boba fett payout

I have been playing for years and I’m stuck on 465/500 of boba fett payouts in bounty hunter quest how can I get the last few payouts


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    Play any battle with a Bounty Hounty lead with Boba Fett in the team, and reach the contract conditions.
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    To clarify the difference between a contract and a payout.

    The contract is the special conditions associated to the Bounty Hunter's lead.

    The Payout is a special bonus the Bounty Hunter receives when a contract is completed.

    I can't remember this quest. However, if it's the payout, then you can get the contract with any BH lead you feel confident of fulfilling the contract.
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    How do I find out the conditions for the payouts ? Have Greedo as lead and don’t seem to get very many payouts to complete his quest this is frustrating
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    Details are in his lead ability - and every BH lead ability.

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    Try using Krrsantan lead and farming the easiest tier of a galactic challenge with a full BH team
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    Boba's contract is to defeat the first enemy that took a turn.
    Once a Jedi, always a Jedi. Wait... never mind.
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