Wraith Squadron Looking for Guild Merger

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edited November 2022
Wraith Squadron Guild looking for a new merger. With the recent changes we lost a lot of our top firepower. We currently have 39 members and over 231 mil gp. We average almost 6 mil per player. We plan on cutting a few more as we take this opportunity to refocus as a guild.

We are looking for 12-15, maybe 20 if needed, new players to join with us. We are close to beating CRancor and are looking for a merger to help put us over the hump. We are looking for an average 5 mil roster with 2 gl's or at least working on a second. We are also requiring 100% TB participation and hoping for as close to 100% participation in TW, though we are understanding that real world takes priority.

Our guild is relaxed and family and friend centric, and we are understanding if people don't quite meet our preferred minimum reqs. We are just wanting to beat CRancor and start with this new upcoming TB as soon as possible.

If this sounds like something you or your guild might be interested in, contact me on discord at MortenoDanos#4063
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