Modding DR under Malgus

Hello holotable heroes!

I was wondering, for those of you out there running Maglus… have you remodded your Darth Revan?

I would think that he would be equally, if not more effective, when modded for survivability… try to keep him spamming his debuffs for as long as possible. He gains tons of raw stats under Malgus, including base-speed, and it seems to me like his marginal returns for having A+++ speed mods diminish significantly.

Besides, all of us have a toon or two we would really like to add a serious oomph of speed to, and this seems like a great way for me to achieve that goal immediately.

So, for those of you with Malgus, how are you modding your DR, and how does his performance change after your remod?

Thanks in advance for replies!
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