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    I feel most people don't understand how the matchmaking actually works. It's meant to alway put you at an average 50/50 win/loss rate. Ofc it seems impossible at lower levels but you have to keep in mind that they're usually there for a reason. I won my last GAC and then in this GAC went up against someone with 3.5 mil, and then 1.7 mil, both over double my gp. However, this is to be expected as the system is trying to pull down my w/l ratio. But even then, I've won both rounds, first because my opponent didn't attack and then because I was more efficient than my opponent. I suspect it's going to keep putting me against higher tier players due to my around 80% win rate right now. This is how it's supposed to be, and while it seems bad, if you check your own w/l rate it will most likely be around 50/50.

    I'm not sure the system is worried whether you have a 50/50 win rate. It's more that, the more you win the more winning resistance there is and the more you lose the less winning resistance there is. This maintains 'fair' win rates for all players.

    This and squish will then keep you roughly in place once you've reached your status quo; unless you stop participating fully or improve your roster significantly; then a new status quo will be found.

    So players can go on big winning/losing runs until the resistance is suitable. Then they roughly stay within a few divisions (and then maintain 50/50ish win rates).
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