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I just dont have a focused roster rn so i would like some help on finishing squads. I will finish my see grind but after i thank after that i need time to finish squads like troopers or bh. Idk would love help


  • You will have 3 troopers when you finish SEE so only 2 after that, Range and Dark are probally the best choice. I'm really impressed at 3.4 million you had the focus to get both SLKR and SEE. I recommend going after some core teams though when you're done. All the teams I'm gonna recommend some farming so I would look into what is needed but...

    CLS/Chewbacca/3bacca/C3P0/Han Solo makes up the core rebel team. CLS is a journey toon I believe. Chewbacca is legendary and you need BH to beat it which is fairly easy nowadays. C3PO is legendary and need Ewoks. A certain team can do it low gear, around G10-G11. Han solo is from Raids and 3bacca is farmable.

    Both Jedi Knight and Darth Revans. They will get Malak which gives you an incredible team. They both are in the journey guide and need certain toons, I would just go take a look and see what's needed. There's quite a bit

    Your Separatists are coming together so a GG team wouldn't be bad. B1, B2 and Magma, they're all 3 required for GAS which brings me to my 4 choice.

    GAS, long farm but is worth it. Need 5 Galactic republic toons, the GR fleet, and Separatists droids.

    I would look up guides to each one to beat them the most effectively and least amout of gear and zeta needed
  • Hi Tom,

    I would start by asking yourself what part of the game do you enjoy most. Are you a GAC person, TW, TB, Conquest? What part of the game do you play for mostly? If you play for GAC, then focus on a few squads that will help you be more competitive there. If there is a different game mode, then focus on those squads too.

    Looking at your roster I think you should definitely focus on a CLS squad and the bounty hunters; at least the bounty hunters with ships. Both those squads will help you be more well-rounded in a lot of areas. And since you’re only 500 million GP away from 4 million, that’s gonna open up hard conquest mode for you as well so you want to focus on some squads for that. I get a ton of use out of my relic 5 CLS squad in conquest, Galactic Challenge, TW and TB
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