Now Recruiting (We Want Active Players)



Lazy Chiss Warriors is an alliance of guilds ranging from 360M+ down to 10M with our Starter guild and full of Star Wars fans from around the world, brought together by SWGoH.

• Chiss Ascendancy's Vengeance (CAV)
• Chiss Expeditionary Defense Fleet (CEDF)
• 501st Rangers
• Kessel or Bust
• Lazy Padawans (LPads)
• Galaxy of Galactic Padawans (GPads)
• Ewocalypse
• Spawns of Thrawn (SoT - Starter Guild)

All of our guilds are farming Wat, our top 4 guild are farming KAM shards as well and top 3 guilds are doing CPit. Starter Guild does all Heroic raids.
See our poster below.

What we ask of players:
• Must be active daily on Discord
• 600 Daily Raid Tickets Mandatory
• Full participation in TB & TW

Join our alliance discord and we will answer any questions you have!

We look forward to meeting you!


  • 756. 746 636 my I. Game url hit me up plz I'm very active daily
  • Join our discord -
    Can’t send you a Guild Invite while you are in another guild. Talk to you soon.
  • We are currently in the middle of a merger, however we are still looking for those looking for a change? We have a group suited to your play style,.. so join up today,.. Everyone loves to get paid!!!
  • Merger went great! Still open and looking for more Active Players. Always looking to rotate and make great groups into awesome groups. We do our best to create an atmosphere where everyone is an important and much needed member of their guild. Discover the difference today!
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