Alliance Looking for the Tired and Weakened


We are an Alliance of 8 Guilds and we are here to help with your Strong, your Average, your Casual, and your Inactive. We have a home for you!!!

Guilds get tired, players advance to other guilds, some retire, some just lose Interest and go idle,... have no fear,... sometimes all you need is a positive change, s fresh mix.

If you are an Officer and enjoy it that much that you want to keep playing that same role,.. we need Officers. *If we get a number of guilds joining we may very well provide opportunities for some Leaders out there. (Sometimes even Leaders need a break!)

Here is our Alliance info!

Let them know BigPop sent you and we will do all we can to help and turn things around. (BigPop#2881) Discord ID

Everyone loves being a part of an Active Guild!

Lazy Chiss Warriors Alliance — 8 guilds — discord: ANY9QEM


Lazy Chiss Warriors is an alliance of guilds ranging from 360M+ down to 10M with our Starter guild and full of Star Wars fans from around the world, brought together by SWGoH.

• Chiss Ascendancy's Vengeance (CAV)
• Chiss Expeditionary Defense Fleet (CEDF)
• 501st Rangers
• Kessel or Bust
• Lazy Padawans (LPads)
• Galaxy of Galactic Padawans (GPads)
• Ewocalypse
• Spawns of Thrawn (SoT - Starter Guild)

All of our guilds are farming Wat, our top 4 guild are farming KAM shards as well and top 3 guilds are doing CPit. Starter Guild does all Heroic raids.
See our poster below.

What we ask of players:
• Must be active daily on Discord
• 600 Daily Raid Tickets Mandatory
• Full participation in TB & TW

Join our alliance discord and we will answer any questions you have!

We look forward to meeting you!


  • LCW is here to help and we will benefit greatly in the process by making your group thrive once again. Change is good!
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