Hi. I just started playing. Do you always get Obi-Wan Kenobi (Old Ben) when starting?

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I'm sure that Anakin and Ahsoka are probably given to everyone, I was just curious if Old Ben was a random drop or not.

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  • Old Ben is not a random drop
  • So, at the start, all players are given Anakin, Ahsoka and Old Ben, correct? As well as Rey and Farmer Luke?
  • Been a while since I was new, but they changed the starters about a year ago. Not sure where the post is that gives the specifics, but yes everyone gets the same handful of characters to start.

    Of the ones you listed, I would be careful not to take Farmer Luke too far, he's not very good later on.
  • So this game doesn't have random character unlocks, right? It's all just... slowly getting the character built up from shards?

    I really like character boxes or whatever you want to call them. I love the luck of the draw.
  • No, it has that too. Just the starters are the same for everyone. At some point you will be able to buy Chromium Packs, and they'll give random shards from a wide selection of characters.
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