TW Giant guild looking for ~4 million gp players

**Ascendant Knights**

**Territory War Record**:

HPIT: *1830 EST* / *2330 GMT*
HSTR: *1600 EST* / *2100 GMT*
HAAT: *1830 EST* / *2330 GMT*

-*All raids have a 24 hour launch period*
-*HPIT and HAAT are simmed*

**Territory Battles**:
Dark Side Geo - 28 Stars / 32 Wat Shards
Light Side Geo - 15 Stars / 2 KAM Shards

- 5 Million GP or higher (negotiable)
- Join our guild’s discord server
- 500 tickets a day minimum
- Participation in guild events
- At least one full CPIT team

-We are very competitive when it comes to both Territory Wars and Territory Battles. We have strategies in place for each event that have proven very effective. We are currently looking for competitive players to join us and become a part of the family. We all like to get together and hang out in voice chat as well as stream our gameplay together and have a good time, and that is where this guild truly shines.
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