Dark Side 5-K help Plz

I've been stuck on this mission for like 4 days now and it's getting irritating. I've tried multiple variations, but most consistent team has been Phasma, Sid, Ren, Vader, and Mof. All are lvl 54, all gear lvl 6, and Ren-Vader-Sid are 5*, Mof is 7*, Phasma still fresh tho. Please help me out someone! Who'd you use to beat this lvl? I never knew Jawas could be so frustrating!
"...Welcome the Dark Side..." lvl 57, Ally Code: 695-189-436


  • Qeltar
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    It's very annoying. I did 5K quickly but got stuck on 5L which is similar (sorry!).
    First, you may just need to level up a bit more.
    Second, you want stunners. That is the best defense against AoE spammers. For this I used Dooku, Asajj and Daka, borrow at least one if possible, or use them if they are available. Daka's heal is also handy.
    Third, you need at least one heal or you have no prayer, use Talia.
    Fourth, strategy-wise.. if you get a stun, focus that one down before he AoEs. Sometimes one of them won't AoE on their first turn, if that happens, focus that one down before he AoEs.
    But it's just really tough.
    Quit 7/14/16. Best of luck to all of you.
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