321 mil gp, 31/20 TB, 38-16 TW

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edited November 2022
11/20 Update: potentially multiple spots open (we are removing anyone that doesn't join TW by tomorrow morning)

Greetings from the Nightbrothers Guildhall! We are an active guild focused on progessing and having fun, not a lot of strict rules, basically just participate. Lots of old folks/parents but plenty of whipper-snappers too.
  • Name: Nightbrothers
  • 321 mil GP
  • https://swgoh.gg/g/2104/nightbrothers/
  • Your's truly: NavjuJocum ally code: 924-556-344; discord NavjuJocum#5461
  • guild reset 8:30 EST (East Coast N America)
  • 31/20 stars in Geo TB
  • raids 10 pm EST
  • CPit on farm, ~15 KAM shards and that is a big guild focus now
  • 38-16 record in new TW, (losses are mainly vs guilds with a ton more GP/GLs), very organized, we assign specific players and squads to most territories
  • we require that players be generally active: get 600-ish most days, participate in TB/TW, hopefully have (or be working on) pillar characters
  • Min 5 mil gp, but will take lower if have a GLs or very solid KAM mission squad.
  • Swgoh guild with a drinking problem, or drinking guild with a swgoh problem? You decide.
Holla if you you want to hop on board team Nightbrothers!
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