Webstore Holiday Crystal Promotion

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Hey Holotable Heroes,

Just wanted to swing by and remind folks of the Crystal promos going on, starting TONIGHT at Midnight PT.

25% Crystal Bonus on $9.99, $19.99, $49.99 Crystal offers

Personally, I'm going for the Conquest Exclusive Trove Pack, hoping I can get some Maul shards

There's also a Ultra Relic Kit and Galactic Relic Kit going up, but that ranks 3rd/4th on my list (Will probably get the first two Crystal Bonuses above before this)

Anyway, that's my one company man announcement for the holiday season haha

I hope you all have a good time off if you are off, otherwise, be well and catch you on the flip side!

Special Deals and Bonus Crystals on the WEBSTORE
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