Come join us for TW! We're close to the guaranteed droid brains level of TW. We have space for 5 5M+

We are The Fìnal Order, many of us are foul mouthed dads and have lives outside the game (but are also very active) and a lot of the guild have been playing together for years. We run the guild like a democracy and not a dictatorship. We won't micromanage you, we're fully heroic and take down Challenge Rancor on reg. We have plenty of tools to help us succeed together and are looking for team players to actively participate in that guaranteed droid brain 320M+ TW level.
  • We have 123 GLs (with 26 Jedi Master Kenobis, 12 Lord Vaders and 2 Jabbas and more being unlocked all the time with those CPit rewards)
  • 35 Executors and 1 Profundity with the rest of us actively farming them for the next event (or some of us with Executors are preparing for the Profundity)
  • 20 stars LS w/ ~15 Mundi shards (and growing)
  • 30 stars DS Geo TB w/ 40+ Wat shards.
  • Raid times are: Rancors @ 6PM EST, HSTR @ 7PM EST, HAAT @ 8PM EST
If you're interested hop into our discord server and say hi. The code is:

Our requirements are:
  • Have a KAM ready Omicron Omega Bad Batch or Shaak/501st clones squad (or be very close) and be ready to use hot bot for a modding guide
  • Have at least one GL (and be very close to another)
  • Having Executor or actively farming for it is a big plus
  • Must participate in each phase of TB (at least deploy, but most of us do battles)
  • Have Wat ready Geonosians
  • TW participation is expected
  • Let us know if you're going to be away for more than a couple of days
  • Get an average of 540 tickets a day
  • have fun playing the game
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