I have a suggestion for a new character

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The character is like a “ Ezra ( Jedi Training ) and I have ideas for his abilities . His basic is he turns off his lightsaber and shoots a stun at the enemy ( There could be a possibility 50 % chance that the enemy gets stunned & a 75 - 100 % chance of them getting shock ) His first special could be where he activated lightsaber and hits the enemy and is last ability / special where he basically does both . Where he shoot a stun at the enemy and then turns in his lightsaber and stabs the enemy . Thank you for reading this .
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  • Yeah, that would be cool!
  • I'd like to see Zuckuss and 4-LOM so we could create the full ESB Bounty hunter team.
  • I'm still hoping for crosshair from bad batch and first order flametrooper
    as well as a sacrifice ability for kanaan jarus
    Sometimes a door is just a door
  • There are a bunch of EU characters I'd love to see. Just from the Republic Commando game and novels you've got two squads of RCs. Delta Squad, consisting of RC-1138 Boss, attacker and buffer granting bonus attacks to teammates; RC-1140 Fixer, attacker who debuffs enemies (especially droids); RC-1207 Sev, best sniper in the clone army, massive crits against geonosians; RC-1262 Scorch, explosive expert capable of wrecking armor and doing AoE damage. Their final member could be Chief Tarfful, mighty Wookiee chieftain (tank) capable of ripping Trandoshans limb from limb. Then there's Omega Squad, the "Boy in Boring Black". They gain more benefit from Stealth than Delta Squad. RC-1309 Niner, the leader; RC-8015 Fi, medic and sniper; RC-1136 Darman, demolitions; RC-3222 Atin, tenacious and fierce. Their fifth member could be Jedi Etain Tur-Mukan, a young Jedi who learns her vocation with the help of Omega Squad.
  • Love the commando idea we even see them in the clone wars show and I think clone medic should be obtainable
  • We should get the Purge Troopers from Jedi Fallen Order. Young Obi-Wan. Wolf Pack would be awesome. Veteran Rex, and Wolffe from rebels. Clone wars Maul with the dark saber. Corasaunt Troopers with Electrostaffs.
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