Sana Starros 24€ bundle is missing crystals

I was always quite fond of the (then) 19€ packs for new toons with 30 shards. It's nice to get a headstart with 4 stars. But what really made me buy them, were the 1200 crystals.
Now, the packs got more expensive and the crystals are gone.
Have they been forgotten? Or is CG really that cheap ?!?


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    Oh, today, you forgot the crystals in the Boushh pack as well. Just a friendly reminder.
  • StarSon
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    They didn't "forget" them. They were removed a few marquee releases ago without announcement. This is just how the packs are now.
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    Yeah, I figured.
    I tried to approach the matter with some irony. Otherwise, it's just too pathetic.
    Less for more. That's how it is now.
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