212th Training Grounds is looking for Officers and Guild Members! Active Guild!

The 212th is looking for more recruits and training officers. Think you'll be a good fit?

We are looking for officers (preferably with past experience, but not mandatory) and for dedicated guild members willing to help us grow.

We are in US CST, and are willing to take in other regions/time zones as well.

We are a growing active guild, focused on maximizing on both Territory Battles and Raids for player rewards. Territory Wars as well, but to a lesser degree.

We are looking for players at 5mil gp (recommended), 4mil minimum. We ask this so our guild can be ready for GEO TB ASAP. The closer to 300mil Guild GP, the closer we get to getting better rewards.

Side note: players who are close under the 4mil gp mark, we ask you inquire, as certain exceptions can be made depending on gp and roster.

Must have Discord so we can relay instructions, an swgoh.gg account is recommended but not mandatory. More information is within the discord server.

We look forward to having you. See you on the training grounds.

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