Anyone have daily deals in the store?



  • I didn't realize not everyone was offered them. I've had them in the shop for awhile now. Its weird though that they're not in the WebStore, only in-game shops (at least for me).
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    I have daily deals in my store. Every single one of them has been awful so far.
  • The store seems a bit buggy to me. Everytime I go to it I have to login again despite clicking to remember me, and usually I only get part of the rewards. For example, today I claimed the February deal in the store and was supposed to get 100 cantina energy plus some other bits but didnt the cantina energy.
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    That's not what this thread is about
    The CGDF requests that CG takes away everyone's Extra Life Charity Event rewards. We don't deserve them.
  • has there been a time where a character daily deal shop where the character 80 shards for 3200 crystals. hmmm
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    I have this ones shown up today… 4r1jou7tpl4t.png

    Lucky I wish those were my deals. I spend far too much time relicing toons.
  • anyways if anyone sees a daily deal 80 character frags then I go for the daily deals for now on lol
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    Wish I got that, but I think I can live with the 60 Mk1 Ability Mats I got on today's Bronzium.

    (I used 30 of them to level up Tusken Chieftain's Unique just to get an edge on GC. Really talks about my management of funds.)
    Hello there.
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