185m GP UK guild looking for new members


Force Revenants is a UK based (anyone welcome) guild looking for a few new members.


• 185 million GP
• 15 star DS Geo
• 6 star LS Geo
• 36 star LS Hoth
• HPIT sim enabled (7pm GMT)
• HAAT sim enabled (8pm GMT)
• 18 Wat and growing

What we're looking for:

• Daily players
• Wat ready Geos {or nearly ready}
• GP > 2.5mil. Lower will be considered based on roster.
• Participation in TB / TW
• Working towards or have a GL

We run DS Geo and alternate LS Geo / Hoth and we're getting better with each run.

We're a social and supportive bunch with people always available to offer help and advice.

Only real rules are for TW and TB. Basically turn up and make an effort. If you can't then let an officer know in advance.

We dont boot for time off as we all have real lives, again its polite to let an officer know.

We do have discord available with useful bots running but this isn't a mandatory requirement.

So message via in game ally code.

441 145 871

Or post a message on our server



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