How do you report someone for harrasment online

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As the title suggested, kicked from a guild after being harrased in a pM, then in the public chat box. Now can't join another guild for whatever reason.
ingame help won't respond to any requests
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  • What's your ally code?
  • 721-861-994
  • Try contacting EA support
  • Yikes. Aside from the fact it seems you might be a part of the problem, you can easily hit the mute/report button on a persons profile in game.

    Also, I’d grow some thicker skin before opening a chat window on any online game if it’s this easy to get under you skin.
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    It might be racist, but the point is valid. EA's generic support is let down at times due to English skills. I had a very similar experience (totally different type of issue), where clearly the EA staff didn't have a good enough grasp on English (To deal with the lino necessary).

    And what actually was the point of asking for the ally code? What were you going to do with the ally code? Other than check if the OP is a cheat, then tell them why you think they've been banned.

    Probably, there's a good reason why this person has been banned. Cordiality is a definite issue. However, we here are/will be none the wiser. I also very much doubt the answer is on the forums either.
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    Locking the thread here as it's gotten inappropriate and quite off-track.

    Please see the page below for more information on reporting. That is not something we're able to assist with further on the forums, thanks.
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