Doctor Aphra Legacy Event - Available Dec 14th!

Hi Holotable Heroes,

Aphra's doctorate may be in archeology but her true passion is treasure hunting. An unpredictable nature leads her on chaotic adventures in which she must use her wits and inventions to come out on top (most of the time). From Darth Vader to Luke Skywalker, Aphra's colleagues have run the gamut, but her trusty droids have never let her down. Okay, there was that one time 0-0-0 and BT-1 led a crime syndicate on Son-Tuul and blackmailed her into serving them. But who's counting?

Aphra and her droids like debuffs, so she can siphon Potency from enemies and do damage based on her Potency with her special abilities Dangerous Tech and Rogue Archeology. Her Leader ability Suspended Doctorate and Unique ability Droid Savant provide her with opening Turn Meter as well as Speed for her droids. Furthermore, they will also gain Turn Meter when they are critically hit or inflict a debuff, so they waste no time in their quest for destruction.

Her omicron abilities are active in 5v5 Grand Arenas to complement her droids' omicrons in 3v3 Grand Arenas so that the squad can exact a plethora of domination in that game mode. While her omicrons are active she does even more damage based on her Potency, grants extra Speed and Turn Meter to herself and her droids, can protect her droids with Damage Immunity when they fall too low on Health, and exacts quick revenge by inflicting a slew of Damage Over Times for each relic level they have if they are defeated.

Starting on December 14th, add Doctor Aphra to your roster in the all new "ROGUE ARCHAEOLOGIST" Legacy Event. Create mayhem with her and her droids that will long be remembered!
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