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Hi Holotable Heroes,

Thanks for all your questions on the Kit Reveal, we appreciate your participation. We focused on questions related to Third Sister specifically. Many of the Territory Battle questions will be answered in the next FAQ early next week.

Third Sister's Kit Reveal: CLICK HERE

Will you be selling 3rd sister shards outside of the special mission? -King Bob & jakeus
Like Ki-Adi-Mundi and Wat Tambor, we will not be selling Third Sister shards initially, but they may be sold in the future.

With the focus moving to 3rd sister, will KAM shards be purchasable with get3? -King Bob
Yes, Ki-Adi-Mundi and Wat Tambor shards are available for GET3.

Will the TB only reward 1 shard per guild member that completes it, similar to ROLO, IPB, KAM, and Wat? --CrispyYogi
Yes, the shard rewards are identical to previous Territory Battles. It is good to reiterate that this Territory Battle can be chosen every time TBs come up, and not only on a light/dark cadence.

With the release of the Third Sister with another leadership ability, there is quite a debate as to who the real leader should be. For me personally, I feel Darth Vader is really the leader of the assassins. In the future, will Darth Vader have direct synergy with the Inquisitors now that we have another Inquisitor on the holotables who worked under him? -Kaylos
Darth Vader has yet to be shown as a “field leader” of Inquisitors, and if we were to make an Inquisitorius-tagged Vader it would be very different from the existing Vaders in Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes.

Will she rival JMK + CAT without omicrons? -Mini IceAgeFighter
It’s possible to win without Omicrons, but the chances will be low. Having Third Sister’s Omicrons makes the battle much smoother.

In the Kit reveal she's listed as an Attacker, but in the description it says she's a Tank. Is she both? -Mol Pokey, ShadowJediKnight, FiliusRevani, MINI Grogu, Attatank, DarthPuppee, ThatAwfulNick, Consular Pascha, MINI Colgate Supreme & SoloH4n
She is a Tank. An unfortunate clerical error had her tagged as Attacker in the initial version of her character card. We do appreciate the Attanker some of you cleverly tagged her as.

How many stars will Reva unlock at? -Pyra, MusteA, Osake, Shards, jappy640, jakeus, flux
7 stars (330 shards). We learned with General Skywalker that getting these powerful units felt not particularly useful to your roster when you first unlock them and there is additional shard acquisition in order to effectively use them in your top teams.

Will the Third Sister be like the KAM Mission? like we will get to her only in 1. 2. years. depending on the guild we’re in? -CoS.Charistila
Running Rise of the Empire twice a month means you can acquire her shards twice as fast as the other TB exclusive units.

Do you intend for this to create a separate team from Grand Inquisitor with potential other characters down the line, and will Grand Inquistors lead still be usable. - Ultradude488
With Omicrons, Grand Inquisitor will be your go-to leader in Territory Wars, and Third Sister shines in Grand Arenas.

Does Third Sister revive three times hence her name, "Third Sister"? -Ultradude488
She only has Hatred twice, so she’ll be reviving a max of two times, which is taking a cue directly from the show.

When Third Sister dies and revives, does this activate Second Sister's "Everyone is Expendable" unique? -TheDeranator

Reva gains Hatred at the start of the battle and then again after she is defeated the first time. So she can die twice and be revived? But unlike Sion there is no way for her to gain Hatred again after that? -Name not given
Correct, she can revive through Hatred a maximum of 2 times.

Her Special 2 OMICRON upgrade seems worthless since Grand Inquisitor already provides them with Crit Damage Up. a situational 1 turn CD reduction isn't worth an omicron upgrade -Name not given
At the start of the battle, if you choose to use “Ready to Die?” with Grand Inquisitor instead of “You’re Right to be Afraid” for the team-wide Offense and Speed buffs, the Critical Damage buff from Third Sister’s “Reckless Sweep” can mean the difference between winning and losing a match.

Did you have a GAC JMK counter in mind when designing her lead omicron? -Name not given
Inquisitors were designed to especially counter specific Jedi, and powerful Inquisitors with their Omicrons active can counter Galactic Legend Jedi.

Is the mission for her as difficult as the KAM mission ? -Mike
We’re certain that guilds will bring a winning strategy to her mission within the first few runs of Rise of the Empire.

Are the basic purges undispellable -R2D2
Nope. They can be dispelled

It's stated a few times that enemies can get a stack of Purge "for the rest of the encounter." I don't remember that phrasing about Purge in any other Inquisitor kit. Does that mean the Purge inflicted from her basic and uniques cannot be dispelled? -Piatz1019
Debuffs all have durations for how long they last before expiring on their own. All instances of Purge last “for the rest of the encounter” (unless it is consumed beforehand by another ability). This means that the purge will last until the end of encounter unless it is consumed or cleansed. It is true that this has not been stated on all Inquisitor kits to this point, but we’re trying to correct past misses by reiterating it again here.

If an enemy targets Reva with an attack that hits more than one ally out of turn, will that enemy get 2 stacks of purge from unique 1 (more than one ally damaged) and unique 2 (out of turn attack) working together? -Swinny_08
Yep! This will apply 2 stacks of Purge

Combining does her unique with Grand Inqisitor's net GI one bonus turn at the start of battle and 5-6 of the crit avoidance, health steal, speed and offense bonuses? -Name not given
Yes, Grand Inquisitor will gain a bonus turn at the start of each encounter, and using “Ready to Die” will give Inquisitorius allies all of the bonuses (assuming the targeted enemy has 6 stacks of Purge.)

Under Third Sister lead, if there are 5 enemies, will the Grand Inquisitor take 5 bonus turns at the start of the encounter through his unique? -Name not given
No, Grand Inquisitor will only gain 1 bonus turn at the start of each encounter.

What was the rationale behind making the Third Sister, and not the Grand Inquisitor, be the character to supercharge the Inquisitors? In the show she fought Darth Vader and was soundly beaten by him, and then later struggled to take down the Lars' couple. -Mox
Grand Inquisitor is still viable and is the defacto leader for Territory Wars Inquisitorius, while Third Sister is meant to juice them in Grand Arenas.

Is the first special damage bonus a stacking effect? For example if the enemy has 6 stacks of purge does it deal 280% (100+6*30) or does it increase the damage by 30% and then increase that by 30%, and again and again until it has been increased by 30% 6 times (the total damage bonus of this would be 482%)? -Miccool9
If the enemy has 6 stacks of Purge, the damage she would’ve normally done would be increased by 180%.

Shouldn’t third sister kit to reduce or disable some grand inquisitor’s ability? I mean she hate him and Vader -Never gonna give you up
We generally avoid having a unit specifically hinder a teammate, unless we find it extremely flavorful. While reducing Grand Inquisitor’s ability would be flavorful, we want to make sure that Inquisitorius are not being penalized for assembling a powerful team.

Does she slap? -Pelemane
Third Sister most definitely slaps.
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