Looking for 25 to 50 Mill Gp guild

Hey i have a 7.4 mill gp with 3 Gl’s. I have been playing since the game launched. Currently i am i a high GP guild and the people are great but it’s starting to feel playing the game is just routine.
What i would like to do is join a low GP guild and help them build up quickly.
I have done this 2 times before and i find it rewarding helping low GP get a edge the need to move forward faster and helps me keep the game interesting again .
Looking for the right fit.


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    would be interested in getting a guild started?.... i just opened my 3rd guild and i am looking for founding members.... preferably ones with high GP like your self who want to try something new?
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    282-444-599 guild name is Malachor's Marauder Army
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    Sorry no. No start ups, only looking to help new or low GP players achieve there goals quicker.
    Thanks for the offer !.
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