HomeOne Endurace Executrix

We really need an update to be able to farm
Home One, Endurance and Executrix.
We shouldn’t have to wait for an event to take place that rarely happens and when it does only allows us to play 2 rounds.

It’s been over a year trying to get these ships to 7 stars. I’ve been trying to complete Thrawns Chimaera journey but can’t until I have a 7 star Home One. At the rate it’s going right now, I’m looking at another year till then. I refuse to buy the hyperdrive as well, my guild and I have all gotten to where we are now without spending a single penny. We view the hyperdrive as “cheating”


  • crzydroid
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    You must not play regularly if it's taking you that long. The fleet Mastery events happen twice a month, so even without refreshes, it will only take you 3.5 months to go from 6 to 7 star. I honestly don't remember much about the events that get you to 6* because it's been so long (don't you just get each star level for beating each tier?), but it definitely should not take you a year to get to 6*.
  • If I remember correctly, you have to be at least player level 80 to play the tier challenges which yes, each one basically levels you up 1 star. But you have to have at least three 6 star light side ships to play it, which also take time to upgrade and make strong enough to defeat the challenge and then after finishing the tier challengers, it leaves you with a 6 star home one ship and in order to get it to 7 you have to wait for the 24hr event to take place (only happens about once or twice per month) which then only allows you to play twice and if your successful in defeating it, your only awarded with 4-10 home one shards. But you need 100 to upgrade it to level 7. . . I play the game every day, I have been for some time now but I’m starting to get impatient with how long everything takes.
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