Game Play ideas/innovations

To Whom this May Concern,

I play this game every day from a galaxy far far away. ;-)

My friends and I are all Star Wars nerds and we enjoy it. However, we believe it could be ALLOT better/WAY more fun and we have a decent list of issues, bugs, innovations and ideas . . Its long, we apologize, but we feel these things are super necessary for all the other players/fans out there to have a much better more improved gaming experience.

1.) We're frustrated that we grinded for over a year, got to level 85 and while completing the daily objectives we still get rewarded with XP and other stuff we don’t necessarily need. If level 85 is the maximum, then why reward us with more XP? We'd love to see some better daily rewards. gear or more energy or something that’s actually useful toward our progression to "ruling the galaxy" If we continue collecting XP then you gotta raise the max player levels or something.

2.) There should be a way to upgrade the amount of energy we can store. Not just cap us at 144 and hope to catch the bonus energy throughout the day. We work full-time. and can't always capitalize on it. 144 just isn't enough energy when you're a daily player like us. it's gone in a matter of minutes sometimes seconds and takes WAY to long to restore.

3.) We really wish we could convert currencies (e.g green (galactic war) to purple crystals) AND/OR purchase purples with credits saved up instead of using our hard earned real money which aint much lol Some of us players don't have extra money to buy those packages and it's really annoying that the game constantly tries to get us too with pop ups. The guild my friends and I are all in pride ourselves that none of us have spent a single cent on this game and have made it to level 85 without the hyperdrive bundle or such. We feel as if its cheating if one did. Plus lets be honest, for $100 bucks , it doesn't get you that much. Id rip through all that gear and stuff in a matter of minutes haha But seriously though.

4.) PLEASE PLEASE make the pop up offers go away. I'm tired of having to hit the x when I'm grinding out my daily objectives and such.

5.) allow private live arena battles between guild members and friends to practice, play and have some extra fun with each other. When we’re all in the same room playing, we’re all just busy doing our own thing and the game doesn't really "bring us together" if you know what I mean. Sure, the force is stronger in some of us and the characters we've unlocked / geared up. but not all my characters are and besides, its part of the fun having stronger characters that your friends don't stand a chance up against lol Let us play against each other live. Live arenas would be WAY more fun. Get's old fighting some character that hasn't played in years and it's just the computer controlling them against me.

6.) To help get more players involved, it would be pretty cool if we could send each other daily gifts containing either gear, character shards, or whatevers clever to help each other progress faster. I know there's the guild donation page but its not the same and I hate feeling like a guild beggar haha
Donations are cool, but daily gifts like they do in Pokémon Go for example helps friends stay active on the game and adds a perk for being friends on the game and will get people to play it more frequently and progress a little faster.

7.) Only allowing 5 sims per day when farming is just not enough..I hate having to waste my precious purples only to sim another 5 and be disappointed for not getting what I'm trying to farm. It takes months and sometimes over a year just to unlock certain characters let alone gear them up afterwards. Like wow. Let’s speed things up and let us sim more than 5 like we do in the cantina.
The friends that I finally get to download the app and play it lose interest really quickly, saying everything takes to long, they don't get it, don't understand how to play it, and want allot of the same stuff I'm writing to you about now.

8.) make ship shards higher than 4. I don’t understand why we can only purchase 4 shards at a time in the fleet store. 5 would be better but maybe just make it 10 like the characters shards are. Or if you have enough credits saved up, we should be able to buy as many as we want and not have to wait for the store to "restock" lol

9.) I think every user could agree we'd also love it if you can make it so we can see what type of character they are in the squad setup screen without having to hold down the character which then takes you to their profile page to perform upgrades. But if we could see whether their dark side, light side, (obviously some of us star wars nerds already know who's dark side light side) tank, support, empire, sith, Jedi, scoundrel etc. The stuff we see above the character on the character page we REALLY want to see on each characters little box during the squad setup. I think that will make it a hell of a lot easier for us to figure out the best squad to use knowing who’s support, tank, attacker etc. . especially during events when some of the feats. are specific like "no tanks" or "attempt to inflict purge" etc. It hard to remember who's what and does what. Having to go to the swgoh website is inconvenient and isn't always clear/accurate or the website doesn't load well on our phones.
I have so many more ideas/issues/bugs/innovations with the game. but that was allot. Hope you at least take the ones listed above into consideration and make this game even more legendary / fun for us all to enjoy. I do enjoy this game, but it seriously needs some more love to get people to download n play it and not just quit after a few days of game play. Gets real boring and robotic over time and my friends (also Star Wars nerds) I convinced to finally download and play it didn't last more than a few days. Said they love Star Wars but this game sucks and they deleted it.

10.) after entering a journey guide, it drives me crazy when I'm working on the required characters listed and I can't scroll to the next one that was listed right next to the previous. example. I'm currently on tier VI for the mandalorian (Beskar Armor) . the characters are always listed strongest to weakest. When I press on a character to check them out and perform upgrades, the game doesn't let me just scroll to the next character which in my case is Cara Dune. It takes me to a character that's not even part of the required characters for the journey. In my case, if I scroll to the right, assuming it would go to IG-11 who I would like to gear up next, it goes to Old Ben. . . really annoying having to go back to the journey guide and tap the character from there. to many taps and load time.

Thank you for your time, consideration, baring with me through that super long list, I really hope whoever is reading this understands where we're coming from, that it all made sense and we players get to see some epic new updates soon. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions. Be well, and May the Force be With You Always.


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