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Is this gonna take away Krrsantan away from the Hutt cartel team and is this gonna make Darth Vader part of this squad as well?

Vader/Krrsantan and Aphra have a history in the comics that we wanted to represent with a mechanic on her kit. You’ll note that Aphra’s most optimal team is centered around droids, not Darth Vader or Krrsantan.

The Gif for Rogue Archaeology appears to show Turn Meter removal, yet the text only indicates that Stagger is inflicted. Is Stagger inflicted before or after the damage is done?

Stagger will be inflicted after damage.

Does the offense incease apply per debuff or just per applying any debuffs that turn?

The Offense increase applies per debuff inflicted.
How does Defense, Offense, and Tenacity interact with Potency? If Aphra had 100% Potency, will allies gain 30% Offense or 30 Offense?

30% Offense, the more she Siphons the more difficult it will be to take her squad down.
Is she meant to be as powerful as starkiller, her partner in legacy event, gac focused characters?

Doctor Aphra was designed at the same power-level as Starkiller, given they have similar requirements and events.
Why isn't Aphra Neutral? True, she was mostly self centered, but she didnt play any side other than her own. Neutral alignment would reflect that aspect of her.

Unlike Hondo who historically has found himself aligning with whoever might be around (and would freely (and often) flip-flop sides mid-mission, Aphra rarely had these kinds of interactions with Light Side characters.
Why does she not summon a B1 battle droid?

We considered this, but we thought it would be more fun for players to get to control one of the Commando droids instead.
Will Krrsantan get modifications to his kit to synergize better with Aphra, since a lot of his mechanics are tied to the Hutt Cartel?

Beyond the Krrsantan callouts in Aphra’s kit, there are no further synergies planned at this moment.
What are the hacked Commando Droid's tags?

Dark Side, Attacker, Droid
As a surgeon myself, is Aphra a medical doctor, surgeon or one of those PhDs?

Aphra’s doctorate is in archaeology.
In unique, when ally falls below 20% health they get damage immunity. 20% is a very narrow band to land in to take advantage of this. Does Aphra prevent the ally from going below 1 health to allow this to kick in?

No, Aphra doesn’t prevent the unit from being defeated. Although 20% is narrow, it lends itself quite well with other aspects of the kit and was intended to be a possible comeback mechanic and as a way to punish light to mid damage AoE enemies.

Does this mean one random droid AND the other two??? " Revive a random non-Separatist Dark Side Droid ally, BT-1, and 0-0-0"

Indeed it does!

Why are the Omicrons only for 5v5 Grand Arena and not for 3v3 GAC, too?

Aphra’s 3v3 GAC team is optimal with BT-1 and 0-0-0 as her partners, who both have 3v3 GAC Omicrons. With three Omicrons herself, we had to cage that power or else her 3v3 team would have far exceeded our intention.
if you use her middle ability what health and protection are the droids revived with?

The Health and Protection recovery occurs before her revive, so the Droids will come back with 1 hp. We debated on whether or not we wanted the recovery to occur after the revive or before - but she’s not a true Healer, and this leaves room to play around with her squad composition and bring in a more dedicated source of sustain. In addition, with her Omicron active, the amount of Damage Over Time that could be potentially inflicted by having those Droids be defeated twice was truly a spectacle to behold - it turned the tide in several otherwise difficult matchups for her.
Why exlcude Hondo from being compatible with aphra? Is there a specific squad you intent him on staying with other than Aphra?

We created Hondo as a plug-and-play unit, perhaps the most plug-and-play unit given the Neutral tag. Players should feel free to experiment with Hondo and not see him as “required” for this or that squad.
On Aphra's leader omicron, it says once per turn on the TM gain. Do all TM gains from that effect happen at once? Say bt1 inflicts 5 damage over time from his first special: is that 10% turn meter from the omicron or 50%?

In the example you’ve given, BT-1 would gain 10% Turn Meter from the Omicron for that turn. That said, as a part of the main ability, BT-1 would also gain 10% Turn Meter for each debuff, so in 5v5 Grand Arenas BT-1 would gain 60% Turn Meter for inflicting 5 DoTs.

When in Grand Arena with the omicron on Special 2, is the bonus damage that's based on Aphra's
Potency.also special damage, for the purposes of Armor/Resistance?

Yes, the bonus damage from the Omicron on her Special 2 is Special damage.

On her leader ability, it states that "Whenever a Dark Side ally inflicts a debuff, they gain 5% Offense for 1 turn and Aphra gains 5 Siphon until the end of the encounter.". If Darth Vader uses Force Crush and applies 3 effects of DOTs and speed down on each enemy, would he get: A) 5% offense and Aphra 5 siphon (all debuffs applied at once); B) 10% offense and Aphra 10 siphon (two different debuffs applied at once); C) 25% offense and Aphra 25 siphon (once per enemy, considering 5 enemies); D) 50% offense and 50 siphon (two debuffs per enemy, considering 5 enemies); or E) 100% offense and 100 siphon (four debuffs per enemy, considering 5 enemies)?

This is per debuff, but remember that the Offense increase only lasts for one turn. In the case that you mentioned above, Darth Vader actually gets 10% Offense for 1 turn for each debuff, so:

3 instances of DoT = 30%
1 Speed Down = 10%

40% total for a single enemy. Assuming 5 enemies and every debuff lands, Darth Vader would gain 200% Offense for 1 turn.

I like that she seems to be a heavily potency oriented character, rather than speed based. What spurred the decision to base her abilities around potency?

CG_Mouse: I really enjoy the play style of debuff focused teams, and we had identified early on that Doctor Aphra’s team would be well suited to this based on the way 0-0-0 and BT-1’s design evolved. While there were opportunities to add “can’t be resisted” to achieve the ideal power we were looking for in her kit, we wanted to explore making Potency a pillar in her design approach instead.

This allowed us to stick to the established and familiar play space of Potency (debuffs) while also utilizing it in new and interesting ways throughout her kit as a whole. This isn’t a new standard for Potency, but does allow Aphra to stand out in the way she utilizes it.
From this part of the kit do allies gain a flat 10% tm or is 10% tm per debuff, so if applying 5 debuffs across each enemy is that 10% tm gained or 50% tm gained? "Whenever a Dark Side Droid or Dark Side Scoundrel ally inflicts a debuff on an enemy, they gain 10% Turn Meter"?

This will only happen once per turn, so the first debuff inflicted by that ally will give them 10% Turn Meter.
Why was this character created over more popular characters that are in movies and tv shows?

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes tries to touchstone every part of the Star Wars universe, this past year we have included characters from video games, Disney+ shows, Rise of Skywalker, The Old Republic, Clone Wars, Rogue One, Rebels, and Return of the Jedi. We’ve wanted to get the characters from the comic books into the game for a while and took this opportunity to deliver them to their fans, while at the same time exposing them to players who may not be familiar with the characters. This gives those players an opportunity to find affinity for these new units. Doctor Aphra and company have a very strong fanbase and we loved the opportunity to bring her to the game and show more people how awesome she is.
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