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Hey Holotable Heroes,

Hope you're all doing well. Thank you very much for asking questions about the new TB. We'd like to apologize for not answering some of these questions earlier, there were some unforeseen complications that popped up that delayed these and some of your questions are already "Answered" by the fact the TB is now live.

Without further intro, here are the rest of the Q/As.

Will CG make it easier to acquire Relic Level 8 & 9? - A lot of people

We are taking measured steps on ensuring that guilds are able to eventually bring their rosters to the level where they can show mastery over the new Territory Battle. Alongside the TB we launched the doubling of almost every Gear piece below Gear 12. Additionally, Rise of the Empire has R8 and R9 materials as rewards, as well as GET3 shipments containing some of the higher end relic materials.
R8 is a big commitment. What characters should we prioritize to meaningfully party. Rogue 1? Inquisitors? Phoenix? -Nathan

We encourage players to work on Jabba the Hutt and his squad, as well as Inquisitors and Doctor Aphra. The Information post has specifics on which units are required for a mission in each phase, so you can look at the early phases for ideas if you want to concentrate your efforts on earning as many points as possible in those phases.

I like that u made new TB it's been a minute -The senate

Adding content like this is difficult and takes the effort of several areas of the studio. To bring you this at the same time as releasing new characters on the schedule that we do is a herculean effort, and we are pleased that the community recognizes our efforts.

Will we be allowed to run two TBs at the same time? - Nox Eternal, Luna
Territory Battles are balanced around your entire guild participating in them. Allowing guilds to run two TBs at the same time would put an unfair burden on its membership while at the same time giving an unfair advantage over guilds who do not have the insanely high level of coordination running two TBs at the same time would require. Additionally, this would require an entire re-write of the TB system as running 2 simultaneously was never something engineered, or had UI to support.

What will Cassian’s Omicron turn him into? -Grandola Kev, EvenMoarDakka

Cassian Andor's disguise is that of a modified Magma Trooper. This version of Magma Trooper will be more deadly than the one you are accustomed to.

this is less TB related and more consistency question. why is the neutral color so different each time is used? Hondo was revealed with a purple neutral tag (my prefered one), in game is white/grey, and this TB announcement uses Yellow on there side and in the promotion picture. -Dakota

Neutral is not the same as Mixed. The center path of Rise of the Empire is meant to represent the underworld element of Star Wars, the smugglers and the scoundrels trying to stay out of the brewing Galactic Civil War. With that in mind, white is the color we will use for Neutral units, and yellow is the color chosen for the Mixed path in the Rise of the Empire TB.

Will Crosshair sometimes come to the game, maybe even in the Rise of the empire Tb? -Klogott

Crosshair is an enemy featured in one of the Rise of the Empire missions!

Hmm how much fight ships do we have by phase? -Name not given

There is one Fleet battle on the majority of planets, with three planets per phase. More may be added in the future.

Now that TB3 is out, what are your plans for future TB3 content, characters, etc? - Many People

As with all questions regarding future content, our answer will always be "wait and see". You will note, however, that there are many sections of the Territory map that currently do not have any planets or paths to them…

Currently, gear rewarded from challenges will not be doubled but the exchange rate for this material is being halved. As an example, the Mk5 Droid Caller. Would you consider either adjusting the quantity of challenge gear rewarded, not having the exchange rate for this gear be halved, or adding a new tier for these challenges? -Darth Chaos

We added a significant amount of Challenge gear last year. The new changes are in part focused on catching up the rest of the game to this system.

Our current efforts are trying to focus acceleration on systems that reward your play, rather than auto-redemption. (eg: that's why GC doubled as well)

Will GET3 be added to any other locations? ChrisCraig, Pyra, Slycat, Grogu, Noseloc

GET3 is meant to provide a compelling reason for a guild to shift focus to Rise of the Empire. The decision on "when to swap" is already quite complicated, so we wanted to avoid adding yet another layer at this time. Instead, we flattened many of the underlying rewards in the existing TBs to help guilds who are mid-progress earn more rewards and move forward more rapidly.

What are the prices for GET3 purchases i.e. Maul shards? -N/A

2125 GET3 for 5 shards of Ki-Adi-Mundi or Wat Tambor
1750 GET3 for 5 shards of Razor Crest, Commander Ahsoka, Maul, or Boba Fett, Scion of Jango

Why are the shards lowered for GET3 in comparison to shards from GET1 or 2? -Mando818

GET3 is a completely separate currency from GET1 and 2 and values of one should not be compared to the other

Are there going to be any partially released characters that require GET 3 to finish starring similar to Malek, GAS, Malevolance and the Negotiator ? -Grandola Kev

There is currently no plan to include Units that unlock at less than 7 stars and have their remaining shards be purchased with GET3, with the exception of Razor Crest and TIE/IN Interceptor Prototype.

Will the new currency be purchasable? -Bulder

There are no current plans to make GET3 obtainable with other in-game currencies.

Will there be any exclusive characters to purchase with GET 3? - Many people

We currently do not have plans to have units available exclusively for GET3. We recognize that the very possibility of this causes players to horde currency as opposed to spending it on improving their rosters. We would much rather see you continually improving your rosters while we deliver new characters to you in other ways.

Will Conquest units continue to be added to GET3 beyond those that are initially available? -Wargrave, Grandola Kev, Relic Erich9

We enjoy bringing to you Conquest units every quarter, and putting them into the Proving Grounds after 1 year of Conquest exclusivity. Seeing them added to the GET3 store gives us another avenue to deliver these units, while at the same time retaining the difficulty of shard acquisition relatable to their power level, so you can expect new Conquest units to find themselves added to the GET3 store eventually.

Will GET 1 and GET 2 be rewarded in TB3?

GET1 and GET2 are awarded alongside GET3

Unless I missed something when the new TB was announced Ahsoka Tano (Fulcrum) was said to be an important unit. Why is she not a combat requirement in any phase? -ExiledKraken

Ahsoka Tano (Fulcrum) is a Hero Unit on the Light side path, and enjoys the buffs and benefits that come with that distinction!

Can you sandbag like the other TBs? -Many People

Just like previous TBs, if you do not get 1 Star in a territory (planet) it will not be locked off and you can continue your progress in that territory as your guild sees fit.

What is the incentive to go the dark side or light side paths? Reva will require people to go down the mixed path to get to Tatooine. Will there be other characters on the other two paths? -Rhan Kast

We mathed out many scenarios on how guilds may proceed with the Territory Battle. While there is an incentive in an exclusive unit in the Mixed path, we do not see this as a sole reason that any guild is participating in the Territory Battle. Earning more stars for a higher reward should be an incentive that many guilds see past just acquiring Third Sister shards.

Can you explain the Encounter Modifiers? - Grand Almighty

Hero Unit abilities are applied to those units in any battle in which you use them. Specific planetary and encounter modifiers will apply to both sides of the battle, which may or may not include the squad you bring to the fight, but will always include the enemy squad in that battle.

Would you please make it possible for players to pre-assign their donations to Operations/Platoons so guilds don't have to waste hours upon hours getting everyone to donate, and players can simply begin doing missions right away if they are available? -The Editor

We have had a lot of feedback that Geonosis' 36 hour phases put an incredible burden on guilds to coordinate deployments at different time periods on different days. In response to that feedback Rise of the Empire was built specifically with 24 hour phases. The consistent timing of each day should help create a routine to follow for each phase.

Why didn't you include Naboo as a planet in the new Territorial Battle? -elchopin

Naboo was on the list of planets to include, but failed to make the cut when we were deciding on exactly which planets we launch the Territory Battle with. There are quite a few empty spots on the map though...

Will there be new NPC enemies in this TB? The clone and droid NPCs from Geonosis TB are amazing! -elchopin

Thank you! Yes, we have created more brand new units for you to fight along all the paths of the Rise of the Empire Territory Battle.

Can characters with Territory Battle Omicrons be excluded from platoons? -Matthew

We discussed excluding these units from Platoons, but that precident would prevent us from adding new TB-related Omicrons in the future. TB Omicron units are already required in Platoons for Hoth and Geonosis.

Is there a cadence on new characters Like Reva being added to the TB or will it be a case by case basis? -Grandola Kev

Additional TB exclusive units may be added on a case-by-case basis.

Are the previous TBs going to be dropped in the future? -TB

We will not be removing previous TBs. The lion's share of guilds are not at a level that can engage with the Rise of the Empire Territory Battle, and so Hoth and Geonosis remain in-game for them to work on.

Can you provide a response to the community about the need for such a high level Relic requirement?

As Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes continues to get bigger and bigger, the ceiling for what is available for players and guilds to do needs to grow alongside it. We look at the Rise of the Empire Territory Battle as a massive raise to that ceiling, giving players a long runway of content to challenge them for a long time to come. We took the lessons learned from Geonosis and Conquest in what challenges our players and made sure that Rise of the Empire met and exceeded those challenges. Understandably this looks insurmountable to a large portion of our playerbase, but at one point in time, having a squad of 7* units also felt insurmountable, or even getting multiple units past Relic 4. Roster GP continues to grow every day, and until this TB players had a very within-reach top end that would take the wind out of their sails once they achieved it. Rise of the Empire gives new heights while not taking away the old ones.

High Relic levels are required for this Territory Battle, and the rewards needed for those Relic levels can be found in Territory Wars. This means that a guild that wants to move forward in Guild Territory Battles should be looking at moving forward in Territory Wars at the same time. As mentioned previously in this FAQ, we are always looking at what barriers are between players current collections and where we all want to see them grow to, and take measures when warranted to shorten the paths to power, as seen with the gear doubling that came alongside this Territory Battle. We will continue to monitor progress not just in the new Territory Battle, but in the state of players' collections to see if and when further steps need to be taken.

The Rise of the Empire Territory Battle was a concerted effort by the entire team at Capital Games, and even players who will not be able to participate in the TB for some time will reap benefits of new units and new environments throughout the different game modes, and quality of life features and UI elements that have made their way into the Hoth and Geonosis Territory Battles.

Did you have any fun ideas while developing this TB that ultimately did NOT make it into the final product? Anything you can share? -Tupelo Bound

There were a lot of ideas we had to leave out for the initial launch, many of which were Quality of Life improvements for Territory Battles overall. We do hope to include these improvements in a future update when it is possible.

Thank you once again for all your questions!

-Capital Games Team

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