New Characters?

What are some new characters or ships that everyone would like to see in the near future? Personally some of the ones that I want to see added are Agent Kallus, Old Rex, Jaro Tapal, Cal Kestis, General Grievous's ship (Souless One), and just for kicks put a Gonk Droid in the game. Any data miners see anything good in the code recent. Let me know!


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    There's a few really nice ships from the Clone Wars era. The soulless one is awesome and reminds me of a big front engine Panoz GTR.



    However, the fact he has a capital ship, makes it nigh on impossible for that ship to come.

    There's been a lot of datamine leaks recently. However, I think a lot of the information about potential new characters was confused with the new TB PvE opponents; Crosshair for example.

    I think one new faction we might be seeing next year are the Pykes. I think they'd be interesting. If they keep it to just the Pyke race (rather than Mercs and BH like Hutt Cartel) then that's going to be visually interesting.

    Star Wars really took off for me when Ben and Luke arrived at Mos Eisley; particularly the Cantina. I'd love to see a lot of the characters from this section added to the game. Your Hammerheads, Squid Faces and Snaggletooths!
  • I want Merrin, then maybe that assault battle won't be such a PITA.
  • telboy007 wrote: »
    I want Merrin, then maybe that assault battle won't be such a PITA.

    This might even motivate me to gear my night sisters. Maybe. Would be weird though because Merrin would have to be light side. No telling what CG would do with that though.
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  • I would love for Cal to be the next legacy event, and maybe some new clone wars era ships mentioned before to be added. Also, it's weird that we haven't gotten satele shan yet.
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    Nothing. Too busy getting the current ones past the requirements so I can play more of the new TB.
  • Nine Nuub.
  • Nine Nuub.

    make an lando and him pilot a falcon
  • I agree that Clone Wars Era ships would be nice. A couple of examples would probably be the Twilight which General Skywalker could pilot and Padme's personal ship. If there are any others bring them up.
  • Tarfful would make a good addition now that there's the wookiees mission in TB, they could use a faction tag and a leader
  • Nine Nuub.

    Nien Nunb
    Why wasn't Cobb Vanth shards a reward for the Krayt Dragon raid? Why wasn't Endor Gear Luke shards a reward for the Speeder Bike raid?
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    A few characters I want:

    Yoda's ship (health-up to jedi allies and aoe target lock (found in: Squad arena shop 1000 for 10 shards))

    Battle scarred falcon (crew: (Leia (veteran leader), RH Finn, RJT) lots of condi clear and passive damage resist defense share (found in: conquest))

    Poe's x-wing (resistance ace) (spend buffs to do heavy damage, prevents enemy counter-attack (found in: pieces and plans legacy event completion))

    First order flametrooper. (burning on crit, self heal, etc. (gained from playing other EA games, (checks to see if you have played another EA game for more than 3 hours then gives you 5 shards per hour you play those games)))

    Snoke (stun and turn meter manipulation (gained through journey guide, requires first order)
    Intimidate (all enemies gain intimidated (reduced offense against Snoke) and target ally gains feverish (gain 100% turn meter at end of turn deals 10% less damage, remove after second turn) (animation: breaths at enemies))

    Inescapable Grip (Stun target enemy and inflict ability block for 2 turns, damage over time for 2 turns, and remove all turn meter from them (animation: thrusts hand) (cooldown: 2))

    RISE (summon a first order Snoke guard if there are any in play then it takes a turn (animation: beckons with hand) (cooldown: 6))

    mutilated form (unique) (Snoke has 10% less health but deals damage over time to all enemies, gains 25% turn meter when he or a Snoke Guard uses an ability)

    Servant of an eternal master (Leader) (If Kylo or Rey is an enemy they gain intimidated, all first order or sith allies gain health steal when they inflict a debuff and turn meter when they critically hit, if Sith Eternal Emporer Palpatine is an ally Snoke's debuffs cannot be resisted)

    Snoke guard (gains benefits from snoke and stun, uses stances (gained with snoke in his journey guide when you complete the battle and get 3*)
    Authoritative strike (deal true damage to target enemy and ignore dodge)

    Offensive stance (remove agility stance and gain offensive stance (offense up when you damage an enemy), apply vulnerable to target enemy, add potency down if the enemy is a sith or stunned (animation: breaks staff into two parts) (cooldown: 3))

    Agility stance (remove offensive stance, gain agility stance (15% speed after using a basic ability), and defense up for 1 turn add shared with Snoke if the enemy is jedi or stunned (puts staff back together) (cooldown: 3))

    Avenger (unique) (when snoke is damaged Snoke guard is called to assist dealing 20% less damage Snoke Guard doesn't have the effect of his stances when countering or assisting until Snoke is defeated)

    Comradery of Silence (Leader) (All non-named first order allies have a 50% gain health steal when damaged and heal when they critically hit or apply a debuff, doubled if that debuff is stun)

    All knights of ren (can't name all of them but should have weapon unique buff which give abilities to the character with it (found in event, event requires 2 journey guide characters))

    Cal Kestis (agree with OP. Should have unique passive that gives him turn meter, damage and protection for empty slots. As well as bonus damage against inquisitors, but not need them for unlocking him (gained from event, event requires jedi from his era (Old ben kenobi, hermit yoda, luke farmboy (not a jedi but thematic), etc.)))

    Imperial Officer (Gives buffs to leader and have stormtrooper synergies gains increased damage when to others when he calls them to assist deals reduced damage when others call him to assist (found in tb)
    Useless (call target ally to assist if the target is storm trooper he gains higher minimum damage threshold)

    Rebels approaching (Ally with high command gains offense up, potency up, and crit chance up, stormtrooper gains defense up and retribution)

    Firing squad (all trooper allies and the ally with high command assist, stormtrooper deals damage to all enemies on this assist)

    High command (unique) (at the start of the match the leader gains high command (offense up, potency up, crit chance up), when the leader is defeated imperial officer gains high command, when stormtrooper is defeated imperial officer gains taunt and defense up, while imperial officer has high command, he shares the benefits of it with those he calls to assist)

    Joint project (Leader) (all non-named allies gain 100% potency and heal when they apply a debuff)

    Crosshair (from bad batch) ((dark side) death trooper synergies and an instant kill after large build up, increased damage against bad batch (gained from journey guide, requires bad batch))

    Mandalorian (Translator) (Synergies with tuskens and jawas, grant translation gained as hero journey, required team: tuskens)

    Tusken wolf (Inflicts threaten debuff on enemies, applies bleeding (deal damage, Deal additional damage if inflicted character has a turn meter effecting debuff (stagger, daze, stun, shackled, etc.), ignore taunt and invisible) (featured in the Mandalorian tv show) (gained from galactic war loot crates (5% chance on all loot crates 50% chance from final loot crate)
    Bite (deal damage, apply bleeding)

    Growl (all enemies have a 50% chance to gain fear, 50% to expose, 50% to offense down, and 50% chance to gain ability block, all debuff chances are have a 30% increase against bleeding enemies and an additional 20% chance against bounty hunters (cooldown: 3))

    Sever limb (inflict 3 stacks of bleeding, 50% chance to inflict crippled (cannot gain turn meter even naturally) or 50% chance to inflict disarm (next attack deals no damage, cannot use special abilities) (cooldown: 2))

    (Animations are self-explanatory)


    Smell Fear (unique) (Tusken Wolf ignores stealth and taunt, targets can only target least healthy enemy, deal increased damage to bleeding or enemies inflicted by a speed effecting condition)

    Tusken Brute (Taunts, synergies with tusken applies daze and stun on counter attacks (tusken brute is featured in light side battles but is not currently a playable character) (gained from galactic war shipments (accessed on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday)))

    Tusken Herder (summons banthas, sacrifices banthas to deal damage, gives banthas taunt (banthas: daze foes by headbutt (sith are humiliated (reduces damage until they use granted skill cry (cry: inflict sadness (reduced damage against banthas) on self for the rest of the battle)))) (gained from squad arena shipments))

    Leia (Veteran Leader) (heals and revives resistance allies, consolidates taunt and spreads expose (gained dark side battles 9-?))
    Sight target (Leia attacks calling a random ally to assist, resistance allies gain Sighted (on exposed enemy turn, random enemy who doesn't have it gains expose) attack again if they expose, Leia attacks again if she is buffed (Animation: point, shoot, shoot))

    Spread Morale (all allies heal, and resistance allies gain potency up and advantage for 2 turns (cooldown: 2) (animation: karate chops air with hand))

    Muster Forces (revive a defeated resistance ally at 50% health, that ally gains defense up, offense up, and potency up (cooldown: 4) (animation: swirl hand in air and bring toward point)))

    Master Plan (Leader) (all resistance allies heal when they expose, exposes by resistance allies cannot be resisted, when a resistance ally gains taunt while another ally has taunt, they do not gain taunt, then the ally with taunt copies the ability of the original character, increasing taunt duration instead of gaining taunt)

    Negotiator (Han Solo (veteran smuggler) gains increased crit chance, crit damage and damage for each buff on him, Holdo gains increased max health and 50% counter chance,
    Leia removes buff immunity and 3 debuffs from an ally with taunt when her turn begins)

    Agent Kallus (stacks deep cover (featured by lando skiff guard), loses deep cover when he attacks, and swaps health (and debuffs if empire) with enemies, synergies with phoenix and has title (gained from journey guide (requires phoenix))
    negotiate (deal physical damage to target enemy and deal additional damage if he has deep cover)

    Earn trust (call a target ally to assist, Kallus gains suspicious (remove 1 deep cover stack at the start of his turn doubled if Thrawn is on the enemy team) (animation: Kallus shoots at the ally but misses) (cooldown: 2))

    Lay low (remove all stacks of deep cover from him then swap health with a non-named character with the most health then he removes suspicious and gains stealth for 3 turns (animation: goes up to target and swipes something from them) (starts on 5 cooldown))

    Fulcrum (unique) (gain 5 stacks of deep cover at the start of the match (not shared with allies) and removes 1 stack of deep cover when he deals damage to an enemy and gains 2 stacks when he (or other phoenix allies when Hera is leader) uses an ability which doesn't damage an enemy)

    A few characters currently in the game that could have their abilities changed for theme purposes:

    Phasma Fusillade (change to "now you bow to me" (animation: staff strike) Text: Deal physical damage to the target enemy 3 times and call first order executioner to assist if Phasma or the Executioner defeat the enemy both gain advantage and defense up (cooldown same as previous ability))

    Kanaan Jarus

    new ability:
    Hold the Tide (sacrifice Kanaan (cannot be revived) then heal all phoenix allies (10%-ish) and give them a buff based on who they are then give all empire enemies potency down for 3 turns (cannot be dispeled, resisted or prevented)
    Ezra and Sabine: offense up
    Zebb and chopper: taunt
    Hera: speed up (based on Kanaan's sacrifice from the tv-show) (starts on cooldown of 7 cannot be reduced by ally abilities))

    most of these fit thematically and I really like the tuskens most because they are only helpful right now for 3v3

    sorry about the long post.

    Edits are adding new characters.
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  • I think clone wars ships we could get is the LAAT gunships(arc trooper and echo pilot?), Droid gunship, Droid tri fighter, and ship piloted by Ig-100 (piloted droid ship)
    Could fill up malevolence slots and perhaps get some toys to Endurance
  • telboy007 wrote: »
    I want Merrin, then maybe that assault battle won't be such a PITA.

    This might even motivate me to gear my night sisters. Maybe. Would be weird though because Merrin would have to be light side. No telling what CG would do with that though.

    Could be neutral also I guess? As long as she has the NS tag it should be fine
  • Jedi Dooku from 'Tales of the Jedi'
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    I would like the wampa to be changed to neutral. Also, i like the republic gunship and it would be cool to see dooku’s star fighter

    I know he’s not a huge character, but siphodias. i forget how to spell it
  • Neutral Gray Jedi faction
    Darth Bane
    Tenth Brother
    Crosshair (Dark side, counter to Bad Batch?)
    Force Ghosts
    And please, PLEASE, give Hondo synergy with Ezra.
  • Still waiting for JarJar Binks
  • Waxer and Boil
  • Talon Karrde, Rukh (the proper version from original Thrawn not the one from Rebels) and Joruus C’Baoth. I really hoped when they opened the door with Mara Jade that more of those legends characters would appear.
  • Gungans 100%.
    I know Jar Jar isn't everyone's favorite character but the faction could be very cool if they built in stun and shield mechanics around the blue orbs they used in episode 1. Im sure there are others I'm not recalling but you have Jar Jar, Nass and Tarpals already. Add in a Gungan bomber and Gungan spear guard and you've got a team of 5 ready to go.
  • I want omicron to Enphys Nest
  • 69thdoge wrote: »
    Neutral Gray Jedi faction
    Darth Bane
    Tenth Brother
    Crosshair (Dark side, counter to Bad Batch?)
    Force Ghosts
    And please, PLEASE, give Hondo synergy with Ezra.

    Yeah, Hondo synergy with Ezra will be really good. I think general cenoby need this to.
    P.s. sorry for my terrible English
  • Saul Garerra
  • Wookie faction
  • Musicians
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  • I would like to see more characters from movies that don’t have a lot of content in the game like episodes I, VIII and IX. Young Anakin that can Pilot a Naboo starfighter, Queen Amidala, Jar Jar, Panaka and a Gungan warrior could all be part of a Naboo faction. Some new sequel trilogy ships and characters like an A-Wing with Pilot Tallie , Major Vonreg with his red TIE Fighter from the Resistance show, Zorii, Jannah, Leia and Lando. I would also like to see something from shows that so far have had nothing in the game like Visions and Tales of the Jedi.
  • Nine Nuub.

    make an lando and him pilot a falcon

    Yes - Or give him the tantive IV or whatever that ship was that he piloted in that random star wars series that had some jedi girl that didn't do any training but learnt how to force heal a snake but not her bf.

    Old Lando and Old wedge would be fun too.

    Or Snap
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