BUG REPORT - BT-1's haywire causes the game to crash (???)

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1) I played this event.

2) i tried to finish the battle using all scoundrel team.

3) 1st, i killed the DARTH VADER using the BT-1, he attacked out of turn and killed him. It triggered his HAYWIRE ability. Nothing went wrong here.
2nd, i killed the ROYAL GUARD. The same thing happened, BT-1 attacked out of turn and killed him. It triggered the HAYWIRE and the game crashed after the HAYWIRE had been launched.
You can see, there is no ability shown to be played.
3rd, i tried to surrender...i tapped the COG icon in the upper left corner, after i clicked RETREAT, the COG icon went missing.

This is the gif.

1) no ability shown.
2) COG icon is missing.
3) no halo (or whatever) under the feet of any character that indicates that a character is taking a turn.

I forced close the game in the end.

I hope i explained clear enough so the dev team can investigate.
Good luck guys.

As always, thanks for the good game.
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