New Royal Order Recruitment

New Royal Order Guild recruitment

Looking to build our ranks and start competing in TW. Come and join the fight!

About Us:
35.1 Mil GP
US based
-18 of 50 members.
-TB and TW focused guild
-2/3 heroic raids

-Hoth:imperial 15/48
-Hoth:rebel 12/48

Discord Classes Available:
-Team Building
-GL Focus
-Raid Teams

What we are looking for:

-1.5 Mil GP
-Teams for All basic raids
-We are working on getting Heroic Sith
-Would prefer a GL or working towards one passively.
-Mandatory participation in both TB and TW
-Discord account is mandatory!!! (for guild event coordination)
- At least 450 tickets a day

Or just message me

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