Not a fan of this 'all-or-nothing' algorithm...

I can't remember the last time an Arena fight ended somewhat close. I loved those.

Now it's either near 100% crit/proc/dodge for them, in which case I get destroyed without a chance, or I destroy them with a team at or near full health....

Heck, my last arena fight had phasma 100% assists for the first round with dooku stunning 3 times before I could move. And it was crit-galore.

The one before I'm pretty sure I resisted 100% of all they threw at me, and ended up finishing with all members alive pretty much at full health.

Something's just not right, and its becoming less fun, more random than ever. Strategy means almost nothing anymore....

I can't be the only one seeing these absolutely crazy erratic and bipolar RNGs that tilt the fight as subtly as an elephant dropping on a scale with feathers on both side.... Wherever the elephant lands wins.

How could they possibly think this works as designed!?


  • Most my battles end 1v1 actually
  • Its basically become this:

    "Push the button to see if you win!"
    The strategy aspect of the game is becoming non-existant.... v_v

    This is a great game with SO much potential. I pray that it doesn't continue to progress this way... (Either way they'll make money and you people will keep throwing money at them, so I fear that's just how its gonna be from now on...)

  • I think there should be a selection of characters that have a never-miss trait. There should be a hard counter to dodge.
  • Most my battles end 1v1 actually

    Those are the ones I love!

    For the past few weeks at least, for me those days are gone... =\
  • There was one not too long ago that ended up 2v1, but it was a complete dodge-fest and savage ended up dodging my last 5 consecutive attacks. That just doesn't sit right by me...
  • LordRath
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    When was it skill/strategy based? I have been playing since November, and it's always been luck to a degree. Meta changes, people complain when they lose, nerf happens, meta shifts, new round of complaints. Circle of life....
  • I want RNG to be less wild... That's all I want.

    Everything else I complain about wouldn't be an issue anymore, it's the RNG that's just ruining it for me.

    Feels like the equivalent of getting hit by lightning twice a day about 4 times a week. Forever...
  • LordRath
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    How often do you lose on offense? Just curious?
  • Used to be maybe once a day, now its 2-3 times a day.

    90% of my losses are due to unbelievable RNG.

    I don't mind losing when its close, or just a Lil stroke of luck, but insane luck twice in a row, everyday, that's just silly.....
  • Boxandthefuzz
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    edited April 2016
    It could easily be fixed by shortening battle times to maybe 2:30 and doing a best of 3. Would be more fair.

    I've had some battles where RNG isn't o my side and I get destroyed before I even get a turn. I'll challenge the exact same team immediately after, with the same strategy and will crush them. Doing a best of 3 would even it up and make it slightly more consistent.
  • Eebers
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    This is the ONLY thing I hate about this game. RNG really ruins the experience. For two teams, both composed of five 7*, Gear 8-9 characters, you should expect a very close fight. But 9/10 times one team literally mops the floor with the other team.

    Yeah, this is a game, and certain things have to be conceded. But how awesome would any of the Star Wars movies be if you saw the rebels/jedi show up to a fight then miss, miss, miss, then Empire/Sith just crit, stun, crit, fight over in literally 15 seconds. You'd ask for your money back at the ticket stand.

    We're not asking for 30 minute epic battles the likes of the big screen, but they've got to find a way for RNG to serve their purpose (make money) but not take away from ours (have fun). To me, the Protection/Fortitude update will really be the deciding factor on whether this game lives or not.
  • LordRath
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    Used to be maybe once a day, now its 2-3 times a day.

    90% of my losses are due to unbelievable RNG.

    I don't mind losing when its close, or just a Lil stroke of luck, but insane luck twice in a row, everyday, that's just silly.....

    So 40% - 60%? Or do you do a refresh? Teams comparable to yours? More powerful? Less?
  • LeoRavus
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    I did a battle earlier where I had four toons left almost in the red against a full team of canons and stunners. I hit auto and walked away. Came back and I won. lol
  • Eebers and boxandthefuzz, thank you, I started thinking I was the only one who saw this....

    This game is great, but wild RNG and the fact everything relies HEAVILY on this rng is hurting it. =\
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