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Hey guys. Returning player after a long hiatus and am looking to fix my neglected fleet. Sorta invested my ships to match my toon team - have quite a few FO and Phoenix ships. I could definitely use some guidance because I’m sucking wind in the fleet levels…even the easy ones. I need a plan/strategy but can’t find any updated ones.


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    At L78 you MUST farm DS Ships.

    All Capital improvements need to be going to Executrix/Tarkin

    TIE Silencer, FO TIE
    TIE Bomber, Vader, IMP TIE
    All 3 GEOs + Both Sep Droids
    4 DS Bounty Hunter Ships w/ focus on Hounds Tooth first.

    Build Tarkin/Exec first, then HomeOne/Ackbar, save Endurance/Mace for last, he's useless.

    Focus purely on DS ships till you have 7+ ships at 7* & can beat Tarkin's Event & start getting those 6 Zeta mats each week.

    Of your DS ships, hold off any more SF-TIE for now, use those mats for something else in that store.
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    Actually, I just noticed your SF-Pilot is already 7*, I guess keep going to finish it off since Pilot is strong.
    Basically of the FO Ships, the SF-TIE is the least "needed" since it can't tank & it isn't a Pre-Req for Finalizer.
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    Oh, also, start farming the FO Tank ship, Echelon when you get access to it.

    Tank ships are critical, Sun Fac, Hyena Bomber, TIE Bomber, Hounds Tooth, & Echelon are the ships that keep your teams alive so you need 1-2 of those leveled up to do better in fleet.
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    Oh, also, start farming the FO Tank ship, Echelon when you get access to it.

    Tank ships are critical, Sun Fac, Hyena Bomber, TIE Bomber, Hounds Tooth, & Echelon are the ships that keep your teams alive so you need 1-2 of those leveled up to do better in fleet.

    Thank you very much for your help. I’m gonna start farming those DS ships that you mentioned.
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    You really can't go wrong with any DS ship btw, except maybe Sith Assassin/Fighter, its the only one that I don't have maxed at 3.5 years of playing.

    Most of them are Pre-Reqs for some nicer ship & even the few that are not fill out a secondary fleet later on (IE.. Gauntlet/Reaper/Marauder/Scimitar/SF TIE.)

    The first ones I listed in my earlier posts are all the ones that lead to something else.

    4 BH = Millennium Falcon, 3? of them also get you Finalizer. HT is also best tank in the game.
    3 Geos & 2 Droids + IG-BH make for amazing Sep/Droid fleet even before you get Malevolence.
    Vader used for Finalizer & w/ Imp TIE used for Executor unlock.
    Silencer, FO TIE, & Kylo's Shuttle all for Finalizer unlock & add Echelon for 4/5 of the FO Fleet.
    Any of the Crewless ships are solid (Hyena, Vulture, TIE Bomber) for the fact that you don't have to gear another pilot & are some of the better ships regardless.

    The Key is get your best/fastest 7 farmed up quickly to unlock the Executrix Ability Mats mission.
    Then continue to shore up with more than 7 DS to unlock other ships listed above & start working on LS as well after your first 7 DS are done.
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    Yeah, bounty hunters, Geos, and Darth Vader are early priorities for DarkSide.

    But don't think I'm contradicting @Schwartzring . I haven't looked at your SWGOH.gg myself. That's customized advice for you, and I would stick with it.

    If there's one thing that I can add, though, it would be to focus on Malevolence with your GET2 purchases. Nothing else until you have Mal at least at 5 stars, and even then purchasing anything other than Mal with GET2 should be a rare thing during a time crunch.
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    Oh, also?

    Don't be shy about coming back here for more advice. People are generally happy to help around here. We have a lot of good folks. BUT ALSO... get yourself into a good guild. If you have a good guild, they can usually give you better advice because you're talking to each other on discord over time. Even if they don't know everything, they'll know more about where you are in the game than we will, and they'll also remember that one thing you said in chat that one time about things you like or whatever. It's hard to quantify, but a good guild, where people talk because it's a friendly environment, leads to good mutual support. You're welcome to come back any time, but you can probably get all the good advice you need from within your guild, once you find the right one.

    That brings up another point, however: if you're ever stuck with more than one choice of paths to take in developing your roster and you're thinking about it and one path seems the more efficient path to power and the other seems more fun... ALWAYS take the fun path. There's so much work to do to develop your roster. Look at @Schwartzring who has been doing this for over 3 years. They still have a lot of things left to accomplish. So since you'll NEVER be without things to do, remember to keep it fun or it will feel like a job and you'll quit. Obviously you'll never amass absolute power if you end up quitting, so the path that leads to quitting isn't a path to power anyway.

    Always make sure you're having fun.
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    Thank you both for the help. I was sorta directionless as far as ships were concerned. I leveled up some to match my FO and Phoenix squads. But you guys really helped out a lot in giving me some goals and direction to utilize my fleet. I appreciate the help and I’ll definitely be back on the forums.

    And as far as guilds, I definitely need to find a better one. I’m in a decently active guild, but it’s inactive as far as talking. Gonna keep looking. You guys have any suggestions, I’m all ears.
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    Just to add to what @MasterSeedy said.
    I didn't mention Malevolence earlier because at L78 your not likely getting much GET-2 tokens.
    That said, any GET-2 you do get should be saved & used for Malevolence as mentioned above.

    The final thing I would note is, I mentioned putting all your Mats into Exec before Home-1 before Endurance.
    I would also point out that when it comes to Fleet Credits, level your 5-7 DS Fighters before Exec.
    The Fighters need to be as beefy as possible.

    I made the mistake of leveling my capital ship w/ those starting L60 "starter creds" they give you & then had very weak fighters for a long while as I was struggling to level them.

    Whatever the max is on your Exec in terms of Reinforcements, focus on that # of DS fighters when it comes to "leveling", then Exec, then any added DS fighters till you get to 7 at max level.
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