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Ok so iv almost got my imp troopers done and am gonna do jkl next (have 4 left to do all of whom r g12) then I'm very unsure of where to go from there... highest probability is go jml but I'm also tempted to get starkiller in between or possibly go see instead as I have a lot of his reqs... I will also be adding gear to my clones to go with my r7 gas as I get the stuff but not at the expense of what I'm actively working on... my ally code is 363-448-974... what's everyone's thoughts and opinions I would be very interested to hear them and any advice would be amazing.


  • Hi Nick, good to run into u again!!

    Is ur guild active in the new TB? If so, u may want to focus on squads that will help you there, like R5 Mara Jade. I think going for SEE is great, however I may want a Light Side GL to balance out ur roster
  • Nrm53
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    Hey man I'm sorry but we're u in our guild or I run into u elsewhere? I run into so many in this game its hard to keep track I'm not gonna lie... but we aren't in the new one just yet... we almost qualify for it but even then idk if we will do well enough to validate it... ur right a ls gl may make a huge difference... I'm very ds heavy as is our whole guild and my only gl is ds (slkr)... mara however would help me in a couple spots
  • All good, I messaged u in-game.

    We just started it last TB and got 6* over Xmas weekend, so we missed a few stars, so not bad for 210mm GP. We will go for 8*+ in a month. Mara & EP do REALLY well on the Darkside Track so going for her is not a bad idea at all
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    I recommend going for JML. He is HANDS-DOWN the best toon for conquest, and conquest (albeit grindy) gives the best rewards of any game-mode. JML also necessitates many great core teams you’ll still use constantly at end-game, it’s a long road but the dividends are endless.

    Be sure to save up and put an Omicron on Wampa ASAP, it’s a top-2 best omicron in the game.

    Hold off on SK until you have other teams built up (like MM and Scoundrels)
  • Sounds good... I think imma do that plus that's what I was thinking with jml being the best for conquest... I can red crate but it's very hard and requires lots of planning... jml will make that much much easier... I have a good bh team but other than that my scoundrels r han and chewie... wampa has his omi and he's the definition of a beast and gets used every gac he's amazing lol
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