Unbalanced Characters

Is anyone else finding that certain characters are extremely unbalanced? Count Dooku in particular. how do i have an overall team power great than 1600 yet simply because my Opponent has Dooku, I get handled. not only does he have a high damage output, he counters every single attack placed against him, even area attacks, then this only builds his attack meter so before i know it ive been attacked by Dooku half a dozen times while i have only attacked once. I hope the Characters become more balanced in the future, and soon.


  • WhipiT
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    Dooku will be balanced but not anytime soon. It's a great marketing strategy by EA. Put an overpowered character in a 5 USD character pack. Let word get out so everyone on forums talks about how OP he is which in turn drives more people to buy him. Once EA feels like the Dooku packs aren't selling or they make a new OP char for a low price pack...that's when they will nerf him. Classic bait and switch model used by most p2win games.
  • He is great when you just started. But very killable eventually when you have others built up. He doesn't become bad at high levels. But rather others begin to shine at late game. Keep playing!
  • This has been a part of every on line game since forever. You spend money or you watch all the other kids eat ice cream. Oh and they will rebalance him once they bled every nickel out of every pocket and then a nice new shiny super powered Luke Jedi knight will appear…and they will thank you for your five bucks..again.
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