Cheezing GC for Bounty Hunter Quest

Looking for theory crafting suggestions to draw out this galactic challenge. I'm on tier 4 of Bounty Hunter Prestigious Quest, which requires me to defeat 1000 galactic republic enemies. The current galactic challenge is against a full team of GR enemies that revive, so this is a perfect opportunity to cheese this quest completion. However, I'm struggling to get a good team that doesn't either kill the enemy too fast, or survives but doesn't have the attack to get kills. Any good theory crafting to help get this done well? Currently my best team is a Traya lead sith team with Fallen Bastilla, Sion, Malak, Talon, and managed 40 kills before Sions's AOE managed to kill everyone off. However, I'm trying to come up with a team that I can put on auto and will manage to get kills, but won't complete the challenge before the timer so that I can just keep stacking kills for the full length of the battle. Obviously, no allies that prevent revives, since I want the clones to keep reviving so I can keep killing them.

On a side note, I've been using galactic challenges for this quest up until this point too. When I needed to get a BH contract 400 times, I used galactic challenges where Han is on the enemy team and run Boba lead. Can use the lowest challenge tier, enter battle and hit auto, and when Han dies the contracts are completed even if the battle ends on Han's death.

Thanks for any help and suggestions.
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