Rise of the Empire Feedback Thread



  • Pros: The visuals and interface are good.

    Cons: I dislike the relic requirements to do combat missions or platoons.

    Suggestions: I would need to play more before I have any suggestions.
  • Design of the map is good, but i m a bit more sceptical globally…

    I’m ok so far with this TB as deploying is the only real challenge there. We have great results in my guild (25*) but I can’t really talk about « fun »…

    Sorry if it doesn’t look very construtive but with the relic gap, the entire guild can’t invest in relic 7+ toons so the fun stop here. We have to get aphra, jabba, and my teammates will want to get all GL before investing in Relic 7+ secondary toons. There is not any « good » challenge as battles don t reward as they should, so deploying is the main way to reach stars. DS ship battles are a joke as well. I was proud to get the Scythe directly, but when you use it in this TB, how can you be satisfied as it doesn’t have time to get a turn!

    The idea of a TB where you can use all your roster is **** good, but this relic bottleneck and sometime absurd gap of power with the ennemies ( hello NS ) won’t give players the taste of investing in relics more than in their entire roster in order to deploy faster, and play less in TB.

    Sorry for my bad english and thanks for reading!
  • Absolutely loved it after just completing our first outing.
    Has rejuvenated many in the guild who are much more upbeat now and caused some to return to us.
    All in all very happy with the whole thing 👍
  • How reliable is the team without him? (meaning 5th Brother)


    I've coached 6 runs without him and won all 6, but all of them were much closer during Wave1 than without 5B. At least one of them could have been lost with worse mods.

    I suspect the win rate will still exceed 90% on runs similar to those I was running when we have enough attempts to make statistical conclusions, but it's definitely not as easy as with him.


    All that is based on runs where people hadn't yet maxed platoons. His utility isn't as important without the summoned pirate. It's still useful, but not important. The safety margin provided by maxing platoons is larger (or seems to me to be) than the safety margin gained by using 5B.

    So prioritize platoons. The Reva mission will take care of itself.

    If anyone is at all nervous about it and wants some help, there are lots of people who will coach you through the mission at the RotE Discord server, and you can often find help at 50ShardsOfKAM discord as well (though try RotE first if the KAM mission isn't active, since coaches may not be paying attention as their highest priority is KAM on that server).
  • Pros:
    New content is new content. It’s good to have something new to engage with. The layout and concept are good. Our guild had several people come back out of retirement because of the new TB.

    The rewards are terrible. Could say the same for Conquest, but I digress. For the amount of time and effort involved, including planning and coordination by officers, the rewards are piddly. It’s laughable that we can’t get enough materials to relic even one character to a meaningful level in a game mode that is centrally focused on relic levels. I should get enough material after TB rewards to take a character from r1 to r5, or r5 to r7. And the gear isn’t anything to write home about either.

    Pro and Con:
    It’s helpful to make so many of the points tied up in operations and so few in CMs. It lets guilds attain good stars while still struggling with or figuring out CMs. It’s easier to ask people to relic a few different characters than get everyone to master the CMs or relic full teams.

    However, I fear long term that this will mean guilds will hit their ceilings relatively quickly. And the huge gulf between r7 and r8/r9 will mean they will sit at that ceiling for an inordinately long time and start to struggle with disengagement and boredom. And it will start to feel gradually less and less fulfilling to have TB contributions amount to just checking off relic levels. The engagement will start to feel too much like box checking rather than game playing.
  • Pros: Enjoying the new challenge as a guild and it looks great. I like that missions don't give you much points feels more collaborative having to try and fill out platoons. I also like the conquest characters, KAM and Wat being available.

    Cons: Wish the rewards were better and included parts like impulse detectors, which would help with the real gripe of needing high relics. Getting R8 toons while catching up in the game etc is a real buzz kill when materials are so sparce.

    Suggestion: I'm not quite sure how to describe this but similar to GA where you can set your defenses out visually. I'd like the map to be open between events even if it doesn't automatically set when it's live. So that guilds can visually see where the gaps are and target characters easier and put placeholders in. If that makes sense
  • StarSon
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    Con: CG still hasn't fixed the ability to over-deploy.
  • In addition to what has already been stated:
    I feel it is really needed to be able to open/close the individual Platoons/operations.

    When you spend a long time as an officer going through them and going through your guild's rosters to see, which ones can be filled completely and then have members that mix up where they should deploy certain characters, it is really wearing you thin. If an officer would be able to only open those, it would be really helpful and mistakes could be prevented.

    I also think it would be good to be able to see/have information about the missions when you select them/before you go into a fight so you know whom you will be facing as opponents.
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  • Seconding Lumiya.

    Being able to open/close individual platoons rather than just opening and closing the entire Operation is necessary.
  • I really like that you can drag the map/holotable.

    Nice touch
  • Lumiya wrote: »
    I also think it would be good to be able to see/have information about the missions when you select them/before you go into a fight so you know whom you will be facing as opponents.

    This - although, unlike previous TBs this does appear to be fixed, so the info can be crowd sourced I guess.

    Still, there is an icon in Dark Side phase 2 that tells you which of the beasts you'll face (Nexu, Acklay, Reek), so why can't they provide this info for all battles?
  • Please, nerf the purge trooper stacks to 3 and their damage output by -20 or -30%. Now at Phase 2 at LS 2/2 they did two mass attacks on my R9 arena health modded JML with crit immunity buff on, max protection and max health, ridiculous.

    I'm glad that my toons only feel worthless in this TB and not other game modes. Also, some interface update would be nice to track statistics and also see opponents like in the normal battle modes.
  • Pros: the new layout is great and looks clean. Easily able to switch back and forth between missions without delays. Variety of missions is good. Very fun and interactive.

    Cons: some phases are skewed, such as initial DS phase being significantly harder than LS/neutral. The relic requirement doesn't match up with the minimum asked. You almost always need to bring a higher relic'd team. Which would be fine if the rewards matched the investment coming in.

    Suggestion: increase rewards for r8+ relic pieces given, add more G12+ boxes (injectors, left/right side) since we now have to level toons not commonly relic'd (Kit, Lobot, etc). Make the difficulty in line with the relic level, for example right now DS is significantly harder in phase 1 than its counterparts. And lift that GET3 cap.
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