Response to cheaters?

Several times a week, months perhaps, there are new topics generated on what to do about cheaters. We, as the players, have followed all the supposed guidelines to report cheaters. We've sent messages to the corresponding CG employees via the Forums. We've made reports against the cheaters in-game. We've done everything that we can do that has been made available to us. Regardless, the reported cheaters in question still persist. No communication has been given back to the player stating, "We've received your claim and are working diligently to resolve the underlining issue(s)". Even Ultra, which thank you for directing players to the appropriate people, has even stopped responding to some of the topics made about this.

Can we please get some kind of communication from the Security Team (or whichever team is handling cheaters), that they have, in fact, received our cries for help? As it stands, it feels as if we are sending reports only to have it fall on deaf ears.


  • Yes these cheaters are getting very annoying especially in Fleet arena, where it’s become a daily struggle to stay in the top 10. Please do something about this issue devs!!!
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