The Jedi Temple Guard Lightsaber

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Star Wars has become immensely popular throughout the years. There are several Force-sensitive characters in the Star Wars world. Some are Jedis dedicated to bringing harmony and integrity to the galaxy. Some of them are Sith Lords seeking power and domination. Different types and hues of lightsabers are used by Jedi and Sith Lords. The allure of different characters and their mesmerizing lightsabers varies greatly among fans.

It’s no denying the fact that there are several lightsaber colors—but the different hues do not appear in the same quantities. Blue lightsabers wielded by Jedi and red lightsabers operated by Sith are commonly seen. Green, the color of Luke Skywalker’s saber, also appears frequently. Beyond those regularly appearing hues, though, you begin to enter some very obscure regions of Star Wars lore.

The Jedi Temple Guards are the most mysterious characters in the Star Wars universe. It was a security unit supported by the Jedi Order and entrusted with protecting the Jedi Temples on Coruscant, the Galactic Republic’s capital planet. The Jedi temples are guarded by Temple guards. Jedi temples can be found scattered around the galaxy. These temple guards safeguard all of these temples.

The temple guards were dressed in uniform. They were dressed in long white capes with face masks and wielded a strange temple guard lightsaber hue. Originally, the temple guardians were Jedi. The Jedi Temple Guards were Jedi Knights chosen from the ranks to serve as nameless sentinels as part of their lifetime dedication to the Order. While some of the Jedis usually volunteer to be Jedi temple guardians.
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