Could use some help salvaging my account

So the last time I played "seriously", and I use the term loosely, was at least a year ago. Probably even closer to 1.5 years ago. So I'm effectively a newbie all over again. But I decided to give it another go a week ago. And to my surprise, a pleasant one to be sure, my old account was still there waiting for me. However, I've come to realize that this account has a bit of a problem. It's a mess, spread too wide, and back when I last played it "seriously" I was more focused on the collection aspect of the game, rather than establishing a good set of teams that could carry the account onwards while I indulged my "Must collect all the things" compulsion.

So, this has left my account in a bit of a bother. So much so, I'm half tempted to abandon it, and start a new one. But it would be a shame to throw away all that time and money spent on this account. So first things first. If you decide to help, I'll give you fair warning now. It's a doozy. Second my my profile. So you can actually get a good picture of the state of my account.

I'm close to unlocking Jedi Knight Revan, so I was thinking I could start with that. Only need to promote Jolee and Zaalbar from 6 to 7 stars and I can do the final battle to unlock him. Unfortunately, other than putting relics on a Jedi Knight Revan lead team. I'm at a loss what to do after.

In short I'd like to salvage this account into something that can have teams that can perform well in the various modes of the game. And my previous approach of farm all the things isn't going to cut it.

Any tips, suggestions, links to guides, and so on will be greatly appreciated.


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    First of all; welcome back.

    Second you are absolutely correct; your account is a bit of a mess. It's not unsalvageable; just realize that "fixing" it is not going to be particularly quick. It WILL be quicker than starting over, though I'm sure many will suggest just that. I'm going to assume that you've decided against that in what follows.

    There is one advantage to your roster being in its current state. The fact that you're so "spread out" means you have total freedom to proceed how you want, with the caveat that you've stated a desire to become more effective in all game modes. I think you would be best served deciding what modes you enjoy the most and what factions you like best. If you answer those questions for us, we can help you decide the best way forward to power up those factions for your preferred mode(s). It might be best to build up a Geo squad for DS geo TB. It might be best to go for SLKR to dominate the Heroic Sith Raid. Perhaps you should build up a GR team to go for General Skywalker. Maybe you like fleet and the Executor should be your goal. The point is, with the rather long road ahead of you, you might as well enjoy the journey so let us know what/who you like most in the game and we can go from there.
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    Oh, one other thing. I don't know how active your guild is, or how attached you are to your current guild-mates. Just looking at the guild stats, however, I can say with confidence that you would be well served to move to a more advanced guild. It might be a bit of a challenge with your lack of current META squads, but many guilds will take you as is. Just try to find one with 45+ members and few or no inactives.
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    The guild I'm in have multiple Guilds at varying stages of the game. From casual beginners, which the one I'm in, all that way up to end game for their top guild. I have already had a conversation with the one of the guild officers about moving me up to a more active version of their guild. Probably somewhere in the NFO III-V range. Joining NFO X was more of a way for me to at least have access to some of the guild stuff while I got my head back in the game.

    As for what I want. After kicking myself in the shin to stop me from saying "all the things" and calling it a day. Here's a short list.

    1) Jedi Knight Revan. Only need to get the last 65 shards of Jolee, and I can do the final stage. But then comes the question of what team to put him in.

    2) Establishing a stable income of important currencies, that will help me forge ahead more effectively. Which I suppose point 3-6 kinda covers?

    3) Fix my mess of a fleet, and get Malevolence or Negotiator. Before I stopped playing I got 100/145 shards of the Negotiator. The Malevolence is still at 0 shards. Eventually I would like to get The Executor, but a cursory glance at the requirements gives me a feeling that one is going to take a while, and might be best set as a long term goal rather than an immediate one.

    4) Start on the, presumably, long journey getting Relics on enough teams to at least to a passable job in GAC and helping the guild moving forward in Raids, Territory Wars, and Territory Battles. Prioritizing teams I'd get the most bang for my buck out of, so to speak.

    5) Getting into a guild where I can accomplish all of that.

    6) Only played Conquest once so far, but I quite enjoyed it, and the rewards from it seemed worthwhile. So I think I will have to look into a team, or however many is required, to push through that to get the most out of it. Although I do suppose point 4 will already help me in Conquest.

    As for factions or characters I'd like to get.
    My Creamy Sheev team was always my favourite in the past, closely followed by Bastila lead Jedi's and CLS lead Rebels. Although I do remember having some fun with Bossk lead Bounty Hunters, and Mother Talzyn lead Nightsisters.

    I would of course like to get Darth Revan, Darth Malak, Darth Malgus, Mara Jade, Kyle Katarn, Dash Rendar, Beskar Mando, Admiral Piett and finish Fallen Bastila to name a few. But considering the effort some of those would require, I have a feeling the caveat "eventually" should be added tho this entire paragraph.

    But out of all of that, stabilizing my account's currency income(Guild Event tokens, Fleet tokens, Feeding the shard shop effectively and so on), get my first few relics, and get a good current meta capital ship with a decent fleet, is probably where I should start.

    Hope this helps, but let me know if you have further questions.

    And thanks for taking the time to help a returning player.
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    Hello again. I'm going to address as many of your bullet points as I can now. I will likely have to come back in the future to finish due to time constraints, but we'll get there. Keep in mind I'll basically be giving my opinion here; there are many ways to proceed and others may have better advice to give or equally good advice from a different perspective. Also keep in mind that my suggestions really only apply to the relatively immediate future; say the next six months. Beyond that, there are too many possibilities to address.

    1. Definitely complete JKR and his squad. Generally speaking he takes over for Bastila as the squad leader, though there are a few matchups where he'll operate under her lead. Jolee goes on the team as well, leaving two spots. Traditionally, those spots will be taken by GMY and GK. If you need those two elsewhere, HODA, Bariss, Old Ben and even Ezra work as well. I've used them all at times. Get the whole squad up to G12, then work on relicing one at a time while gearing up another squad.

    2. Establishing a stable income of the various currencies will tend to fall into place as you progress.

    3. Regarding fleets, considering where you are shard-wise, I think unlocking Negotiator is the way to go. Building a supporting cast for it will be important. Anakin's and Ahsoka's ships are vital. Ani's ship will need to be starred and both pilots need to be geared to G12 for starters. HT will work as a tank, though the Y-wing is worth the farm. Plo Koon's ship is valuable and Plo doesn't need to be geared particularly high for it to work; it's the reinforcement ability that's key. The rest of the GR ships are a mixed bag. 5's and Sarge's ships are serviceable. Rex' ship is odd, but helpful once you get the hang of using it. Consular's ship is.......nvm. Right now, I'd probably use some non-GR ships such as TIE Advanced, Phantom etc. not worry about the last 3 or 4 GR ships I mentioned; working on the ones you want slowly when practical.

    4. As far as relics, don't consider that to be a separate phase really. I tend to work on relicing one toon at a time while building others to G12 and farming shards. Admittedly, there is some overlap between G12 and G13, but it's not really much, so it's quite possible to be working on gearing two or three toons to G12 while slowly bringing another to G13. How quickly that occurs will depend on your guild's ability to run and beat HSTR. At your current stage, that raid is your main source of G13 gear, in large part because it's so frequent compared to Conquest, TB etc.

    Sadly, that's all I have time for right now. Will be back tomorrow most likely. For now, finish Revan and gear that squad plus, when convenient, Anakin and Ahsoka. Talk to you soon.
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    If you would like some help, my ally code is 584457155. Discord is Ultradude488#5305
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    Cheers for the advice so far Jkane. Going to be poking the guild leadership about bumping me up to one of their more active guilds this weekend so I can get the tokens needed for The Negotiator, and probably Malevolance after that. I also got a good chunk of the ships you suggested at 7 stars already, although I have to farm some gear for a few of them. As well as complete farming ships like Hound's Tooth to 7 star.

    As for the Jedi for the JKR team, I have all of them (except Jolee) at 7 star, and most of them at Gear 12 already. And the ones that aren't Gear 12 isn't too far off. Probably go with JKR, Bastila, GMY, HODA, Jolee. Since that means I'll only have to bump Jolee from Gear 11 to 12. And farm JKR to Gear 12 before working on relics for the first team. After that, I might switch to getting relics on characters for the Executor Journey. but I am unsure just how much of a time commitment getting the JKR team relic'ed up is, and just how much of a time commitment farming, gearing, relic'in the requirements for Executor is.

    And Ultra, I'll be sending you an ally invite. So when you see Thavic Thule sending you a request in-game. That's me.

    Again, cheers for the help so far. :)
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    Yeah no problem!
    Once a Jedi, always a Jedi. Wait... never mind.
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