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Lvl 46 player, $30 in with plans to maybe spend $10 or so a month, I range between 150-250 rank in arena. Farmed and recently acquired Luminara and Sidious so I think I'm seeing a step change in performance but I saved up crystals and got a 8x Chromium the other day and pulled a Kylo!! Now I'm struggling to decide if Kylo deserves a spot in my arena team, so far he seems okay but not crazy impactful like Sid and Lumi have been. My toons are below:

Sorted by power
Toon - Star/Gear Level
Sidious - 4/5
Tarkin - 4/5
Dooku - 4/6
Chewy - 4/5
Luminara - 3/5
Kylo Ren - 4/4
Talia - 3/5
Jedi Cons - 3/4

Others - TIE Pilot, Poe

I'm thinking Sid, Lumi, Jedi Cons, Dooku and either Kylo/Tarkin/Chewy but not sure who. Tarkin hits hard but is unfarmable and has boring abilities. Love Chewy but heard he becomes useless later in the game because his attack is weak. I heard a lot of good things about Kylo but mainly in combo with Phasma, who I can't get for awhile while I farm Lumi. He just hasn't seemed that strong thus far.

Also saving cantina credits as I was farming Fives (almost enough to unlock now) but stopped just in case I wanted Daka. If you think one of them would work with this team I'd love to know. Starting to think I should just use the creds on ability mats but afraid that might be short sighted.


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    I really like Tarkin, personally. I know he's hard to 7-star, but his AOE Offense Down and his terrifying basic attack are excellent. Between him and Sid you're gonna have a lot of debuffs in play, so you might want to look into folks who play well off those (IG88 comes to mind).
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    Kylo is powerful if leveled and purple geared. Work on his shards and you won't regret
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    From all I'm seen in my server, I'd say go kylo.....he's a good toon. I'm consistently in top5-15 n I'm seeing more n more kylo.....that in it self, should point into this toons effectiveness
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