If you could add one character to the game who would it be?



  • Darth Bane

    Meetra Surik


  • Jedi Dooku, especially now that 'Tales of the Jedi' is out
  • SkyCake wrote: »
    Blizz the Jawa. Jawas could use a unit with a useful Unique and/or Leader.

    I was thinking they could add a translator Mando leader that could work with tuskens or jawa
  • Veteran smuggler Leia
    FO flame trooper
    Knights of Wren (full team)
    are top of my list.
    Snoke, Snoke guard, resistance tv-show characters (ie: Kaz, Kam, Tora, Neku, Bucket etc.), tusken dogs (featured in the Mandalorian tv-show), tusken brute, imperial officer, Kal Kestus, Jedi Dooku, RH Poe x-wing(crew, RH Poe, BB-8), battle scarred Falcon (crew: RH finn, veteran smuggler Leia), and of course Crosshair are lower down.
  • yytnin2ekqmw.jpeg
  • GL Jar Jar for sure
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