Level 75, what characters and ships strategy ?

Hello guys ! I'm now level 75 and I would like to know what should I do next regarding my characters and ships strategy. With the main squads I have, may you tell me which characters and ships I have to improve please?

- Phoenix squad (Thrawn event) : all level 75, full stars(*) (not Sabine)
- Jedi squad (Yoda event) : Mace Windu, Old Ben, Ahsoka all level 60 and full* + phoenix Jedis
- dark side squad (R2D2 event) : emperor palpatine full*, Vador 5*, grand amiral Thrawn 6*, Dark troopers 4*, Count Dooku 5*, all level 66
For this squad, I have read that palpatine a d Vador are good, but for the last 3 it should be better to have royal guard, Grand Moff Tarkin and the TIE pilot. Is that right ?
All other characters have 3 300 power or less, except Ackbar, Yoda, Anakin, Biggs Darklighter, Captain Phasma and the TIE pilot. These are around 8k to 4k power in that order.

Phoenix ships, level 72, 4*
Biggs Darklighter, level 72, 4*
Ashoka, level 70, 4*
TIE pilot : level 60, 3*
Ackbar (Thrawn ship event) : level 72,
Windu and Tarkin ships are not my priority yet, and I don't know if I will need them.
I know that slave 1 and Vador's ship are important so I'm trying to buy them as quick as possible.

Other questions :
- Is the Geonosian squad important for the fleet battle incoming ?
- Can you tell me if I have to focus on other solo journey to unlock good characters? I'm working slowly on BB8.

Thank you in advance and may the force be with you.kizoy0b1g0vy.jpg


  • If some one have a strategy for each way to improve characters with energy and shipments it will be perfect ! Or maybe a recent discussion about the same topic !
  • Bad batch is my main squad. They’re only needed for Lv, but they’re worth spending your extra energy on at the end of the day. I wouldn’t say to focus on them, but they’re so good for fighting level 70 teams.
  • In my opinion, at your level I would avoid Bad Batch for the sole reason that they have no ships. Your primary focus pre-85 should be unlocking all the Light, Dark and Fleet battles. You already have Phoenix, and Geos are good for the dark side, but you want to get to a point where you can clear Light Side 8D hard and Dark Side 9B hard. Then switch to Bounty Hunters, which are much more useful at your level.

    Bounty Hunters are required for several journeys (including 5 of the 7 Galactic Legends), and they participate in several events - including two Bounty Hunter events that help you get more units that you will need. You’ll want to focus Bossk, Boba, IG-88 and Cad Bane, and the fifth can be your choice (but don’t pick Aurra). But those four have the ships you will need later.
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  • Ok thanks guys, I'll start to focus mainly on Geos and Bounty Hunters, and Bad batch for fun 😉
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