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Will trench be a 330 shard unlock or will he be a 145 shard unlock?

He will require 330 and unlock at 7* as previous Conquest Characters have.
Will trench lead cause extortion to spread to other enemies like nutes lead does?

No, Trench's lead does not cause Extortion to spread the way Nute Gunray's lead does. It does have other mechanical interactions that make Extortion a powerful addition to Trench's team however.

General Grievous is already an excellent home for the B1 Battle Droid.
"they gain 20% Offense for 3 turns (stacking, limit once per turn)" Just to clarify this is once per overall round, it doesn't charge per each characters turn? So a counter attacking unit would not get 20% from each counter attck if it applied?

Once per turn, so if a character were to attack three times in a single turn, they would still only receive 20% Offense for 3 turns.
when it says the enemy is feared, does that mean they are inflicted wiht the fear debuff like darth revan's?

Correct. "Feared" is the Fear debuff like Admiral Piett, Revan and other characters have.
The kit mentioned non-gl separatist. Is there a Sep GL on the way?

Who is the Separatist tank for the Shield Tech that is not a Geo or Droid? We don't currently have one?

Lots of kit language has built-in future-proofing, and may or may not have anything to do with our near-term plans.
With Trench's unique, it says health and protection recovery are increased by 15%. For example with Tactical Supremacy, would that make the Protection recovery 11.5% or 25% (basically, additive 15% or multiplicative?)

Additive, so in this example, the result would be 11.5%.
Previously conquest characters not tied to a GL had been lifted to GL strength through their game mode specific omicrons. Do you expect trench and his team to be on that level?

Trench's omicrons are designed to raise him to a point where he can challenge some Galactic Legends
Whenever another non-Droid Separatist ally is damaged by an attack, defeated, or evades, Trench has a 50% chance to gain 100% Turn Meter (limit once per turn). — is the 50% chance limited to once per turn? Or the 100% TM gain can only successfully provide once per turn? For example, if a qualifying ally is damaged multiple times in a single turn, or an enemy AoE attack hits multiple non-droid allies, does the “chance” only happen once, or the chance happens as many times as applicable until the effect is triggered once per turn?

The entire clause is limited to once per turn. So if a single character were damaged five times in a single turn, the "chance" only occurs once.
Can tactical supremacy be dispelled?

Yes. The buff has a special condition if it is dispelled as well.
"Enemies with Extortion will be critically hit if able." Meaning it won't bypass Critical Immunity ?

Correct. This is boilerplate kit language to ensure there is no confusion as to when an automatic crit can, and cannot, apply.
Will this squad beat some Galactic Legends in TW?

With Omicrons enabled and the right team, Trench and his team are able to contend with some Galactic Legends while in Territory Wars.
How will this effect: "UNIQUE 1: ... The first time each enemy loses all Protection, at the end of that turn they are Feared for 1 turn which can't be dispelled, evaded, or resisted..." interact with toons that lose all protection at the start (ie: LV teams and Malak).?

In the effects order, characters like Malak and Lord Vader remove their Protection prior to Trench's unique affecting them, so Malak and Lord Vader will not be affected by this.
Will this version of Trench replace the current version in the Lord Vader journey?

No, that version will not be changed to reflect this new kit.
I **think** the writing is clear, but just to confirm, it's only the speed that increases with Tech/Extortion, correct? Not the max health, protection & potency, right?

Correct, only Speed is increased.
More of a Conquest related question: We used to have a day to farm characters that are leaving chest rewards after every 3 months, but I don't remember having this for either Malgus or Ben Solo. Did I miss these days or they no longer happen?

Proving Grounds runs for 24 hours in the Events tab immediately after the end of every Conquest.
Favorite episode with trench?

His initial episode, "Cat and Mouse" is a personal favorite (name aside). Seeing Republic forces unsure how to proceed and the overall feeling of confidence Trench gave off added a lot of tension and it was fun to watch the way Anakin (and the Jedi and Galactic Republic in general) had to overcome this challenge.
Trench has 1 less ability than other conquest units, why is that?

We felt a sufficient amount of fun, complexity, and power could be achieved with just a Basic and a Special ability combined with his passive abilities that trying to add another Special ability didn't feel necessary.
I don't see anything that makes Jango particularly powerful with the Baktoid Shield Generator. He won't taunt and needs the healing less in the beginning than other toons, while Dooku could easily benefit from increased survivability and potency. What am I missing?

If you are not Stealthed and the rest of the team is, then you are the only legal target for most units to attack with or without Taunt.
No other questions…’s your day Meathead?

"Pretty good. I just had pancakes." -Meathead, probably.
Is it 10 speed or 10% speed?

10%. I know, crazy huh?
This is another character for Territory Battles! So soon, we will see him in platoons or a separate task of the new TB Rise of the Empire?

The good Admiral met his end before the events of Rise of the Empire TB (Clone Wars Season 7). He will not be retroactively added to existing Platoons either.
Why isn't a commander of a seperatist droid army able to fully synergize with seperatist droids?

Trench also worked closely with other Separatist leaders as seen on screen. While Separatist forces are heavily made up of Droids, there are other aspects that make up their full military might.

In addition to this, there were balance reasons for the restrictions and the fact that Grievous has a well established and potent Separatist Droid team he leads already
Will we ever get a character with omicrons for different events? Aka one omi for TW and one for GAC on different abilities?

While technically possible, it will lead to three or more different configurations of the character to remember how they work. If we do this we need to take this into account.
"Swagger stick"? REALLY? This isnt the 00's memes.....

This is the official canon term for his Relic.

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