F2P team idea

Here is an idea of a team after looking at level 7 abilities.
Leader: Sid
Han stormtrooper

Han and Phasma would give turn after turn plus Phasma gives advantage and slows enemy. With Sids leader ability Sid, Ren, Lumi could go crit plus aoe of Sid and Ren.

Any thoughts on effectiveness of this?


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    Phasma is bad unless she is your leader. Ren is 32% better with Phasma leadership.
    Sid and Lumi are staples. In this setup with no crit requirements or more high agility heroes Sid shouldn't be leader.
    Han competes for Sid shards and isn't amazing without more healing, he will taunt and you will be forced to save him with your only heal or he will be heal debuffed and just die. I would use Daka from cantina shipments. Or Talia if you want to stack another turn meter buffer.
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    If you're starting from scratch I'd go with Poe over Han and put Phasma as the leader. His expose on taunt is pretty nice and with all the multi-char attacks from Phasma as leader you end up knocking down high DPS teams offense to crap and hitting fast teams too.
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