The Republic Cantonica is Recruiting! 375m+ , 23* RotE, Organized TW play

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Are you looking for a guild to call home as we move into the next phase of SWGOH? Cantonica of The Republic Alliance is looking for a few members to join our community!

What you can expect from us:

- 375m GP plus

- A competitive, but friendly atmosphere.

- A highly engaged leadership team that listens and is continually working to refine strategies and policies to put the guild and its members in a position to succeed

- Strong focus on TB - We are currently hitting 23 stars, expecting 25 when full without alts. 1-4 Reva shards, with most of the guild set to pick up GI next time around and get a huge boost to Reva shard generation.

- Organized TW play

- Access to a wealth of knowledge, as a part of an 12-guild community.

- Guild Reset at 5:30PM US Eastern, with raids launching at 9PM US Eastern

What we are seeking in new members:

- 6.8m GP or higher. Exceptions may be considered for highly focused rosters.

- 2+ GLs, including Executor and/or Profundity

- Cooperative attitude, willing to work toward both personal and guild benefit.

- Participation in all guild events (TB, TW, CPit)

If this sounds like a match for you, please drop by to discuss further!
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