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It's fully established canon that the defender is a thrawn project, why have it not be with thrawn?

The Thrawn/Chimaera answer:
When looking at new units to add we always consider where their use-case is, and what areas of the game could use a boost. Chimaera has been in a good spot since TIE Interceptor, and while Executrix got help with Scythe, we recognize the difficulty in acquiring Scythe while at the same time we wanted to give a helping hand to players who are still working on building competitive fleets.

can special forces be prevented or dispelled?

Special Forces is a blue-colored Status Effect. These are not buffs nor debuffs and thus can't be prevented, resisted, or dispelled.

Who pilots this ship?

Iden Versio

Why a TIE Defender is an attacker?

So many laser cannons! And ion torpedoes! Pew pew pew!

Will this ship still be useful without the scythe?

That was part of the original intent when the ship was put onto the roadmap, and was tested with and without Scythe as part of the fleet.

What star does Tie defender unlock at?

4 Star unlock

If this ship count like a tie fighter this should be added also for the tie reaper

This was carefully crafted around the TIE Defender having the Counts-as. Adding it to others will have to be carefully considered to not skew balance targets.

Can you guys put the strategy tips/insperation after the kit? it makes more sense to read the kit then learn why you chose things and gerneal idea on how to use it after, rather then before

We’ll run it past the bossman, Meathead

Why is Iden piloting a Defender instead of her Special Forces Tie Fighter or the Corvus?

Corvus' scale is a bit weird for our fleet battles right now, and her TIE fighter isn't that visually different than a normal TIE fighter. When taking that into consideration we looked at what cool ships she was capable of flying for the Empire, and we've been looking at getting a non-crewless TIE Defender into the game for a while.

Why the new buff?

Formation is not new, it was on Scythe, and Special Forces is a blue-Status Effect, not a buff. SF allows us to give it cool additional abilities when used as a Reinforcement, and keeps the ability descriptions as succinct as possible.

Why all the good stuff locked in reinforcement abilities? That's Scythe, Interceptor AND Defender better as reinforcements…

We bake various degrees of awesomeness into Reinforcement abilities so you can make some impactful decisions when upgrading and assembling your fleets for the task at hand.
Is Crumb Puzzling again?

45king the R.E.A.L questions n0w.

Since Valentine’s Day is next month, could we see the protagonists from Lost Stars arrive as characters with their own ships?

Imperials and Rebels should be good in the space battlefield for the time being.

Why not make it an unmanned vessel?

While we love crewless ships, we want to make sure that they stay relevant as the Relic levels of pilots increase over where they were when we added Crewless to the game. We have some ideas for solutions for Crewless, but we are not ready to implement any yet.

Besides, Iden needs to FLY, and what's cooler than a Defender for her?

Does the (max 2) for Resilient Defense apply to the amount she can have on her at maximum or the maximum that she can gain in a single use of the ability?

The amount she can have at maximum total. She can get 2 stacks in a single use, however.
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