Update 1/25/2023

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Hi Holotable Heroes,

Read on to see the full list of changes.

  • TIE Defender: CLICK HERE
  • Login Calendar - Tusken Shaman
  • Bonus Calendar Character - Droideka
  • Sana Starros' shards are now farmable from Cantina 2-C. They replace Imperial Super Commando shards, which moves to Fleet Battle 4-A (Hard) alongside Gauntlet Starfighter blueprints.
  • Second Sister has been added to the list of Accelerated Characters.

  • Fixed an AI issue with Profundity that caused it to target the wrong ships
  • Fixed an issue where PVE Starfortress in GCs didn't have the proper skills
  • Fixed an issue where Sun Fac's ship wasn't counting Taunts properly for feats
  • Fixed an issue where Hounds Tooth and Biggs Starfighter wasn't counting Taunts properly for feats
  • Damage Immunity effect from Jedi Master Kenobi's "Hello There" ability now correctly notes that it can't be copied or prevented
  • BT-1 was getting a little too enthusiastic about inflicting pain on his allies, Doctor Aphra made some updates to his programming so that he's correctly reducing the damage his deals to his squad
  • Darth Traya - Fixed an issue where Critical Damage wasn't being properly added
  • Traya Unique Omicron now properly caps at 100% instead of 500%

See post about Darth Traya Omicron Refund CLICK HERE
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