Profundity AI

I don't understand what is changing with Prof's AI. I remember them saying they were looking into the targeting, and now it appears they are making changes in accordance with that. But I guess I was out of the loop. What was wrong with the targeting? What change is being made?


  • Probably addressing the Scimitar exploit.
    Scimitar has like the highest targeting priority for enemies among the sith/empire/inquis ships (gotta have a full fleet of those factions only to have the capital cooldown reduction from X1), so ppl used the Scimitar to draw fire away from Scythe and make that Scythe survives and actually is allowed to do something instead of either being insta dead or useless due to ability block.
    Legend#6873 | YouTube |
  • So they're going to make the targeting random or hard focus Scythe? If the former, sad panda. If the latter, we already have workarounds for that.
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