TIE Defender - a couple minor points

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Many people are asking why a "defender" isn't a tank. This misunderstands the military roles of the closest analogs we have to spaceships: aircraft.

With aircraft, the "defensive" planes are the ones with the so-called "shortest legs", which in slang means the planes that can fly the fewest miles and minutes before needing to land or refuel.

Attackers generally need longer ranges, this often means a larger craft in general. And if the craft is larger, it will be less maneuverable -- in other words bigger and potentially slower, thus more like a Tank in the SWGOH (and general RPG) sense. The short range craft, though, often have insane afterburners & relatively small size so that they can quickly intercept threats. They also don't have to worry about having huge fuel tanks, since if they're defending a land-based ally they should be able to return to base and refuel/rearm much more easily and frequently. By not carrying excessive amounts of fuel, they are less weighed down and more maneuverable.

In other words, think of the word "Defender" the way you think of the word "Interceptor" when applied to fighter aircraft. It's not defending itself. It's defending a base or planet flying short-range, heavily-armed missions.


When you post the community questions, CG? Maybe just drop a link in that to the Kit Reveal at the top of those questions so that we can easily go back & forth between the reveal and the questions/answers? it's a tiny thing but I love what you're doing with the Community questions and this would make them even better.

Thanks again, CG.
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