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I finished the first stage of getting shards for Darth Revan (Tier III), and I have all 6 star min on the characters needed to get Darth Revan. So, I was trying to get as many shards as I could and upon completing the first stage for getting shards for DR, an error occurred and made my game crash. I log back in and see that I have 0/330 shard for DR. Then I go to the journey guide and I see the battle counted it as completed with the stars but the rewards are gone (gear, shards, etc) and I didn’t receive any of the rewards. So if I continue getting the characters upgraded, it would be pointless because at most I can get 275/330 shards. I’ve tried restarting the game, wifi, re-completing the battle, logging out and back in, and more but nothing has worked to get the 55 missing shards back. So what do I do?
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    Report on Answers HQ and they should be able to get you your shards.
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