Is Anakin's ship gonna ever be accelerated?

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It's been a few years since this ship was released and since then we have the ability to do event to get General Anakin.

You guys introduce accelerated shards farming for all characters and ships old and new but not for this ship.

When is it gonna happen? I would like to unlock Gen Anakin, but that ship is kinda putting that on hold.


  • Ships are not accelerated. It's not just Anakin's ship, it's all of them. You're going to have to advocate for ALL older ships to be accelerated if you want that one accelerated since currently it's a policy affecting every farmable ship.

    That said, there may come a day when they decide to accelerate some/all older ships. Never say never, after all. But until then asking about Anakin's ship in particular isn't helpful.
  • CrispyFett wrote: »
    No ship shards are accelerated

    Really? I swear I saw a 2 under the bounty ships while going for Han Solos' ship but that could've been a character shard I saw.
  • Players and even content creators keep asking why and bringing up the issue of ships not being accelerated and CG has returned to their fantastic record of worthwhile communication with us.

    It doesn't effect me, I already have all the ships maxed out, but a lot of players are stuck on the slow road getting ships or prioritizing other farms because they refuse to accelerate ships for some reason.

    If there was a pool for whether we get ship loadouts or ship shards accelerated, it'd be a tough call to choose which will come first, if at all.
  • TL;
  • Probably when we get 200+ ships available in the game.
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